Actor KIEFER SUTHERLAND saw in the new year (05) filming firework displays in Iceland.

The 24 star flew to Reykjavik to catch rocker pal ROCCO DE LUCA's New Year's Eve (31DEC04) show and he was left stunned by Iceland's chaotic pyrotechnics.

He says, "I saw probably the most extraordinary firework display in my life.

"There's no laws in Iceland with regard to fireworks, which makes New Year's Eve very interesting. It's a small population but they spend over $15 million for fireworks for that night.

"It's like a warzone. There's no organisation to it... I saw a six-year-old carrying a 30-pound mortar with another six-year-old following behind with a match.

"I filmed it because I didn't think anyone back home would believe it."

06/01/2005 21:36