Amp Fiddler

Amp Fiddler Live @ HiFi Club - Thursday, 22 April 2004

Leeds has a fairly healthy hip-hop, funk & soul scene and the prospect of having Amp fiddler in town on a Wednesday night had whipped up quite a buzz within the relevant circles. What the audience expected & what the audience got was a mater class in funk. Before becoming a master - everyone starts as a student and Amp has definitely done his study. Having spent time working with some of the all time greats such as Prince & George Clinton Amp makes it all look a bit too easy.
Music - Amp Fiddler Live @ HiFi Club - Thursday, 22 April 2004

Having produced one of the defining soul albums of recent years this Detroit cat has gained massive respect for a truly outstanding recording. Bringing together the vocal insouciance of Sly Stone, the lyrical dexterity of Mos Def, the funk of Curtis Mayfield and the suave sophistication of Prince, Joseph Amp' Fiddler needs no help in raising the mood in the Hi-Fi to fever pitch. Donned in Pimp attire and backed by his cut down but amazingly agile band Amp is here to git down & the audience wants it bad.

Amps tunes are all cleverly crafted pieces, on the album they sound silky smooth and almost a touch tame at times. Yet in the live arena they are delivered with more verve and passion giving even the softer tunes an infectious groove that no head in the building can resist bobbing along to.

The dirty/sweet lyrics funkfull bass lines and sumptuous melodies flow on until the early hours of the morning. For an artist who's live show has to hold the framework of a debut album this band seem like they could play all night & if it was the choice of the audience that's what would happen. The set roles on for two hours and nobody get bored. Amp seems very much at home in the UK & he is welcome to stay on here as long as he likes. If you have never come across this artist and you like funky music go buy his album. If you get a chance to see him live make sure you get there & make sure you have your dancing shoes to hand.