American comedian BERNIE MAC saw a huge downside to his fame when he attended his only child's wedding - because hundreds of strangers gatecrashed the bash to see him.

The OCEAN'S ELEVEN, who appears in the upcoming movie Charlie's Angels: FULL THROTTLE, recently attended what should have been a joyous occasion when his daughter JE'NIECE decided to tie the knot. But the hordes of hangers-on made it a distressing day.

He says, "Ladies and gentlemen it was rough, because it was so disrespectful. There were over 500 people there, but they were there to see me, versus the bride and the groom.

"We kept making announcements, saying, 'Please, no pictures of Bernie.' They didn't care a bit about my daughter. They were eating and drinking and every time I turned around they were clicking at me, while my daughter and her husband were just sitting there.

"I didn't know three-quarters of the people who were there. So many people crashed in. I'm surprised it didn't make the news - I shot at about four people!"

02/05/2003 02:08