Ballet superstars RUDOLF NUREYEV and his dancing partner MARGOT FONTEYN had a secret affair which led to a miscarried pregnancy, according to a fellow dancer.

Nureyev was well-known for being gay and, after two homosexual relationships, died from AIDS in 1993.

But Royal Ballet dancer AVRIL BERGEN claims the world's former leading male and female dancers had a passionate sex life and were desperate to marry - but Fonteyn's devotion to her wheelchair-bound husband ROBERTO ARIAS forced them to shroud their romance in secrecy.

Bergen makes the shocking claims in an interview for British TV programme THE SOUTH BANK SHOW, which will be broadcast on UK station ITV1 next month (AUG05).

She explains, "Margot was a woman who really needed sex. She and Nureyev had sex together a few times. Unfortunately she lost their baby."

TONY PALMER, the director of the South Bank show, says, "I have no doubt that Nureyev was the love of her life and that both of them wanted children."

Nureyev's former personal assistant, JOAN THRING adds, "Rudolf was in love with Margot and wanted to marry her."

17/07/2005 02:34