Paloma Faith doesn’t think she’ll ever be seen as a “national treasure”.

The 42-year-old singer is aware she is popular with the public but doesn’t think she’ll ever be held in as high regard as the likes of the late Dame Barbara Windsor or singer Dame Shirley Bassey because of her political views.

She told Big Issue magazine: “How many people that are left-wing like me ever get to become a national treasure? None.

“National treasures like Babs and Shirley, they’re all Tories – adorable, but Tories.”

The ‘New York’ hitmaker – who has two children with former partner Leyman Lahcine – revealed she once tried to set up a charity to help homeless women but her plans didn’t get off the ground because it was too “difficult”.

She said: “When I was pregnant [in 2020] I went to a women’s homeless shelter and said, ‘How can I help?’

“And they were like, ‘It’s really difficult. You know, this whole system is designed to keep people homeless.’

“I tried to set up a charity at one point – I just wanted to help five women get a home and a job.

“And I soon realised how difficult that was and why people who want to do that are advised against it.

“Because if it fails, the media might make an example of it being a failure and use that as a distraction as opposed to actually solving a problem.”

While Paloma can be outspoken, she is realistic enough to know she can’t just spout her opinions without there being consequences for her career.

She said: “I care about being able to make ends meet for my kids – I’m not completely irresponsible.

“I’m also quite acutely aware that if I said everything I thought about everything, I’d probably have no career whatsoever.”