Paloma Faith was determined to keep working after suffering a miscarriage on the set of 'Pennyworth'.

The 42-year-old singer lost her baby while she was working on the American TV show - but Paloma was determined to stay on the set and finish shooting her scenes.

During an appearance on the 'How To Fail With Elizabeth Day' podcast, Paloma shared: "It started at work and it was a fight scene on 'Pennyworth'. I just thought to myself, it’s gone so I might as well carry on with what I was doing.

"I had to go to the toilet nine times. I told them I ate something bad last night because I knew if I told them they would escort me home. I didn’t want to.

"I would just be going home without work and without a viable pregnancy."

Paloma relishes the challenge of motherhood.

The singer would actually love to have another child, but she doubts whether it's possible.

Paloma - who has two daughters aged seven and two with her former partner Leyman Lahcine - said: "I’m 42, and I think I would love another child but I probably won’t be able to now."

On the other hand, Paloma acknowledged that motherhood demands a lot of self-sacrifice.

She explained: "We are groomed to think that’s our job and that’s the most fulfilling thing we can do as a woman. That’s not true.

"Even when you’ve got kids, you’re made to feel guilty if you don’t think your kids are the most fulfilling things in your life. I do get a lot of fulfilment from other parts of my life. It doesn’t mean I don’t love my children or I’m neglecting them.

"I remember saying something to my mum about sacrifice when it comes to parenthood, how having children isn’t a sacrifice and it’s like, you’re not even allowed to think that sometimes you might go, 'I do quite miss spontaneity.'"