Paloma Faith's late poet friend inspired the title of her new album 'The Glorification of Sadness'.

The 42-year-old singer's sixth studio LP drops on Friday (16.02.24) and Paloma has revealed that she chose the title after reading out a poignant poem at her close friend's funeral which stated that "every artist's pain is for sale".

Speaking on the 'How To Fail With Elizabeth Day' podcast, she said: "Well, I called it 'The Glorification Of Sadness' because last year I had five funerals and one of the people who died was somebody who was quite close to me, a poet, and he had written this poem that I read out at his funeral. One of the lines of it really stuck with me. It said every artist's pain is for sale and, once reading it, it really kind of resonated with me."

Several of the songs on Paloma's album deal with her feelings about her her separation from French artist Leyman Lahcine after 10 years in October 2023.

The 'How You Leave A Man' hitmaker admits that Leyman still remains a very important person in her life because he is the father of her two daughters, and she believes his presence will have an impact on her future impact on her relationships.

She said: "It feels so dramatically different because you can’t do the initial bit where you’re like, I need space, I can’t see you anymore. You’re forced to do that. We pretended at first, pretended to get along, pretended we weren’t both absolutely devastated and it does get confusing. It’s like a never-ending break-up. I feel bad for anyone who dates me because he’s so important. He’s so wrapped up in my children that he’s almost more important than anybody else who might come along. I put him before most people because he’s the father of my kids."