David Ellefson Won't Appear On Megadeth Album

David Ellefson won't appear on Megadeth album

David Ellefson won't appear on Megadeth's upcoming album.Although the bassist recorded some tracks for the record, Dave Mustaine, 59,...

David Harbour Wants Red Guardian Spin-off

David Harbour wants Red Guardian spin-off

David Harbour wants a Red Guardian spin-off.The 46-year-old actor plays Alexei Shostakov, who was once the Red Guardian, the Soviet...

Noel Gallagher Blasts UK Covid Restrictions

Noel Gallagher blasts UK COVID restrictions

Noel Gallagher won’t perform in the UK “any time soon” due to COVID-19 restrictions.The 54-year-old musician called the limitations on...

Noel Gallagher: Social Media Has Ruined Music

Noel Gallagher: Social media has ruined music

Noel Gallagher thinks social media has ruined music.The former Oasis rocker believes musicians can no longer develop naturally by building...

Florence Pugh Loved Black Widow Stunts After Fighting With My Family Experience

Florence Pugh loved Black Widow stunts after Fighting With My Family experience

Florence Pugh "fell in love" with doing action scenes while filming 'Fighting With My Family'.The 'Black Widow' actress has revealed...

Nile Rodgers Re-elected As Chairman Of Songwriters Hall Of Fame

Nile Rodgers re-elected as chairman of Songwriters Hall of Fame

Nile Rodgers has been re-elected as the chairman of the Songwriters Hall of Fame. The 68-year-old musician was unanimously voted...

Dave Grohl Reveals Nirvana's Humble Goals For Nevermind Success

Dave Grohl reveals Nirvana's humble goals for Nevermind success

Dave Grohl has admitted Nirvana's goals for 'Nevermind' were to emulate Sonic Youth and then buy their own apartments.The 'Smells...

Kevin Hart's 'Healing' Movie

Kevin Hart's 'healing' movie

Kevin Hart hopes his new movie 'Fatherhood' becomes a feel-good classic.The 41-year-old actor's latest film is based on the true...

John Krasinski Admits To Being 'Emotionally Manipulative' As A Screenwriter

John Krasinski admits to being 'emotionally manipulative' as a screenwriter

John Krasinski thinks being "emotionally manipulative" is key to screenwriting.The 41-year-old star directed, co-produced, and wrote 'A Quiet Place Part...

Noel Gallagher Lands Number One For High Flying Birds Best Of Album

Noel Gallagher lands number one for High Flying Birds best of album

Noel Gallagher has landed a number one album for his best of High Flying Birds album, ‘Back The Way We...

Helena Christensen Exercises For Pasta And Cheese

Helena Christensen exercises for pasta and cheese

Helena Christensen works out so she can eat "pasta and cheese".The 52-year-old supermodel exercises regularly but was keen to stress...