Victoria Beckham Made Almost 1m From Spice Girls Tour

Victoria Beckham made almost 1m from Spice Girls tour

Victoria Beckham made almost £1 million from the Spice Girls reunion tour.Although the 46-year-old fashion designer didn't join her bandmates...

Jj Abrams Pledges 10m To Anti-racist Causes

JJ Abrams pledges 10m to anti-racist causes

J.J. Abrams, his wife and his production company have committed to donating $10 million to anti-racism campaigns over the next...

Lea Michele Accused Of Making Life A 'Living Hell' For Samantha Ware

Lea Michele accused of making life a 'living hell' for Samantha Ware

Lea Michele has been accused of making life a ''living hell'' for 'Glee' co-star Samantha Ware.Samantha joined the musical TV...

Nick Cannon: My Kids Are Scared Of Police Officers

Nick Cannon: My kids are scared of police officers

Nick Cannon's children are ''scared of police officers''.The 39-year-old rapper - who has nine-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe with ex-wife...

Naughty Boy And Gemma Collins' Summer Song Put On Hold

Naughty Boy and Gemma Collins' summer song put on hold

Naughty Boy and Gemma Collins have been forced to postpone plans to release a song this summer. The music producer...

Frank Turner And Nofx Announce Split Lp

Frank Turner and NOFX announce split LP

Frank Turner and NOFX are releasing a split album covering each other's songs.The 38-year-old singer songwriter is joining forces with...

'Too Many Characters': Patty Jenkins Turned Down Justice League Movie

'Too many characters': Patty Jenkins turned down Justice League movie

Patty Jenkins once turned down the chance to make a 'Justice League' movie. The 48-year-old director was asked to be...

Josh Gad Doesn't Think Olaf Deserves Frozen Spin-off

Josh Gad doesn't think Olaf deserves Frozen spin-off

Josh Gad doesn't think Olaf has ''earned'' a 'Frozen' spin-off movie.The 39-year-old actor - who voices the loveable snowman in...

Adele Insists Racism Is 'Alive And Well Everywhere' As She Condemns 'Police Violence'

Adele insists racism is 'alive and well everywhere' as she condemns 'police violence'

Adele has insisted ''racism is alive and well everywhere'' as she condemned ''police violence'' following the death of George Floyd....

Cole Sprouse Arrested During 'Peaceful' Black Lives Matter Protest

Cole Sprouse arrested during 'peaceful' Black Lives Matter protest

Cole Sprouse was arrested during a ''peaceful'' Black Lives Matter protest. The 'Riverdale' actor has claimed he was ''detained when...

Ellen Degeneres 'Sad And Angry' After Death Of George Floyd

Ellen DeGeneres 'sad and angry' after death of George Floyd

Ellen DeGeneres is ''so sad'' and ''so angry'' following the death of George Floyd.The 62-year-old star has spoken out after...