Omid Djalili Thinks About ‘Belly’ 10 To 15 Minutes Every Day

Omid Djalili thinks about ‘belly’ 10 to 15 minutes every day

Omid Djalili thinks about his “belly” 10 to 15 minutes every day.The 58-year-old comic and actor – who has starred...

Armie Hammer Denies Robert Downey Jr Paid For His Rehab

Armie Hammer denies Robert Downey Jr paid for his rehab

Armie Hammer has denied Robert Downey Jr paid for his rehab after he was hit with allegations of emotional abuse,...

Mamie Laverock Thanks Donors Who Gave Nearly $40,000 To Gofundme Page

Mamie Laverock thanks donors who gave nearly $40,000 to GoFundMe page

Mamie Laverock has thanked donors who gave nearly $40,000 to her GoFundMe page following her near-fatal fall from a fifth...

David Duchovny Made ‘More Empathetic And Humble’ By Divorce From TéA Leoni

David Duchovny made ‘more empathetic and humble’ by divorce from Téa Leoni

David Duchovny was made “more empathetic and humble” by his divorce from Téa Leoni.The 63-year-old ‘Californication’ actor married the ‘Bad...

Halle Berry’S ‘Catwoman’ Role Made Her Go From Lifelong Dog Fan To ‘Cat Lover’

Halle Berry’s ‘Catwoman’ role made her go from lifelong dog fan to ‘cat lover’

Halle Berry’s role in ‘Catwoman’ made her go from being a lifelong dog fan to a “cat lover”.The 57-year-old actress...

Gwyneth Paltrow Believes Life ‘Starts Getting Good’ At 40

Gwyneth Paltrow believes life ‘starts getting good’ at 40

Gwyneth Paltrow is convinced life “starts getting good” at 40.The Goop founder, 51, this year revealed she has dialled back...

David Duchovny Fears Conspiracy Theories In ‘The X-files’ Have Gone Mainstream

David Duchovny fears conspiracy theories in ‘The X-Files’ have gone mainstream

David Duchovny fears conspiracy theories that packed ‘The X-Files’ are now a mainstream way of thinking.The 63-year-old, who was watched...

Neymar Welcomes Third Child – Nearly Nine Months After Having Daughter

Neymar welcomes third child – nearly nine months after having daughter

Neymar has had his third child – almost nine months after having a daughter.The Brazilian football star, 32, revealed the...

Anthony Michael Hall Toasted 56th Birthday With ‘Breakfast Club’ Reunion

Anthony Michael Hall toasted 56th birthday with ‘Breakfast Club’ reunion

Anthony Michael Hall toasted his 56th birthday with a ‘Breakfast Club’ cast reunion.The actor is perhaps best known for starring...

Anna Faris Stays ‘Youthful’ By Going On Adventures With Son

Anna Faris stays ‘youthful’ by going on adventures with son

Anna Faris stays “youthful” by pretending to be characters including a “mean nanny” while on adventures with her son.The mother-of-one...

Gwyneth Paltrow Worries Most About ‘Anxiety’ When It Comes To Traits Her Kids May Suffer

Gwyneth Paltrow worries most about ‘anxiety’ when it comes to traits her kids may suffer

Gwyneth Paltrow worries most about “anxiety” when it comes to traits her children may suffer.The ‘Sliding Doors’ actress and Goop...