Paloma Faith will never get over the "heartbreak" of her divorce.

The 42-year-old singer split from Leyman Lachine - whom she has two daughters aged seven and three - in 2022 after five years of marriage and wrote her new album 'The Glorification of Sadness' about her tough time but doesn't think she will actually ever get through the "trauma" because they have children together.

Speaking on the 'Great Company with Jamie Laing' podcast, she explained: "Well, just because you finished the album doesn't mean the trauma has gone away. But I think in the past up till, like so my first five albums, were all albums that I felt like I'd put something to bed with. But I think this is ongoing navigation, because we have children together. And that's what makes this a different type of heartbreak album.

"Because the heartbreak will be forever and, and the navigation of our relationship changing shape will be forever probably till we die. You can't really let go of somebody you've got kids with. "

The 'How You Lose a Man' songstress added that when some couples split, they simply stop speaking but is finding that "hard" to do because they are actually still "very close" to each other.

She said: "And some people sort of, you know, just because you don't see them, some people never speak again. And they're still very present. Because you look at your kids and you see that person in your kids. Or they come back from visiting their, your partner, ex partner and they've they're doing the mannerisms or they've got opinions that you don't agree with it or their opinions or whatever. But in my case, it's even harder, I think in a way because we really liked each other a lot.

"And we're really close and we still love each other. And that makes it confusing. That's really sad. So it's sort of heartbreaking. Every time we see each other. It's just very raw because of the kids.

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