Paloma Faith "doesn't feel highly successful" in her career.

The 42-year-old singer has released six studio albums since beginning her career towards the end of the 2000s but insisted that there are "so many people" who have achieved so much more than her.

Speaking on the 'Great Company with Jamie Laing' podcast, she said: "I don't feel highly successful. There's so many people who've done better than me. I look at them and go, Wow, I've got to do better. I've always compared like, when I was at school, I would sit next the cleverest person in every class, I'd just sit next to them and like be like, I'm sitting next to you. And I'm gonna get I'm going to be better than you. And that's how I did it. And I ended up it worked. I'd sit next to them. I'd sort of learn their ways. I'd learn how to do them and then I'd do better than that."

The 'How You Leave A Man' songstress added that she is just going to "keep going and going" and that her main ambition is just to "live life" to its fullest potential even though she knows she may never feel "satisfied" with herself.

She said: "You just keep going and going and climbing and climbing until you die. I all my, my ambition is live life to the fullest. Like, keep going, always put the most amount of energy into everything, and do your personal best at all things. You might not ever feel satisfied. And if you were that would be a bit like, what's the point of carrying on living then? What just peace and serenity? It's not really appealing to me. I want to just keep going and like, have those highs and lows and highs and lows? Like I think I like it."

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