Paloma Faith has split from boyfriend Andrew Soar.

The 42-year-old singer revealed she and her creative director partner Soar - who had been dating for around nine months - have ended their relationship.

Speaking on Zoe Ball's Radio 2 Breakfast Show, she said: "I feel emaciated and it's because I've had around 700 break ups in 12 months!"

Paloma, who has just released the song 'How You Leave a Man', quipped: "It's due to my new single. It's all for the art, like 'what does a breakup feel like again?'"

Paloma has two daughters aged five and two with her former partner Leyman Lahcine. 36 - who she married in 2017 and split from in 2022 - and admitted she is reluctant to discuss their relationship because it could affect their kids.

She explained: "When there's kids involved you can't just go out there and talk in interviews like you would in the past.

"I used to go out there and be like 'yeah, this guy is a real awful man' you can't do that because there's children and you have to build a relationship and you have to work something out.

"Our family is still our family but it's changed shape and I still feel kind of protective of it."

Paloma also discussed the inspiration behind her new album 'The Glorification of Sadness'.

She said: "That title came about because it's all about that feeling when you get to a really low point and you're like 'what am I going to do with this?'

"It was the first time in my life that I've ever felt like I might need some help.

"I'm not very good at asking for help and I'm a bit of a brave face person and I got myself to a low point where I thought, I'm a bit worried, it doesn't feel like I can get out of it.

"So I was writing this music and... essentially what you do as an artist when you put your work out there, you make your tragedy into commodity, it's quite sort of sick and twisted."