Paloma Faith will release a new memoir.

The 42-year-old musician has penned a deeply personal book 'MILF', delving "deep into the issues that face women today, from battling through the expectations of patriarchy to the Supermum myth".

In the memoir, Paloma also writes about the challenges of in vitro fertilisation (IVF), the early years of motherhood and “questions around identity and how motherhood impacts on that, to what it even means to be a ‘good mother’, how we need to embrace messiness, imperfection and the bitter sweet pleasures of being ‘selfish’ and putting ourselves first".

According to publisher Happy Place, 'MILF' "explores female identity and is part memoir, part polemic.

"Honest, raw, wickedly funny and brilliantly poignant, 'MILF' is a powerful call-to-arms for any woman who has been sold the promise that they can ‘have it all’ but finds themselves overwhelmed by having to do it all. Paloma refuses to shy away from any aspect of motherhood. With her characteristic straight talking, in 'MILF', she says everything most of us are too afraid to say."

Paloma commented: "This is a book designed to make women feel seen and acknowledged for what they do, something I don’t think happens enough. It’s about our silent mental load, our battle to do it all just to remain at pace with everything else going on around us. It’s a book about verbalising the fact that women are superheroes and should not, and will not, remain silent any longer about our contributions to society against all odds (of which there are a lot). It’s about making women feel seen and men hopefully that little bit more informed. Feminism has let us down and abandoned us with too much to do and we no longer should have to face inevitable burn-out as a result.”

Publishing director Charlotte Hardman added: “I devoured every word of the script, nodding along furiously in agreement. Paloma brilliantly unpacks what it is like to be a mother without being defined by being a mother.”