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Mike Tyson (born June 30th 1966) Mike Tyson is a former boxing champion.

Boxing career: Mike Tyson started out his boxing career as an amateur at the 1981 and 1982 Junior Olympic Games, winning all fights by KO and delivering one knock out in 8 seconds. His first professional fight was in 1985 against Hector Mercedes, who he knocked out in the first round and he went on to gain media attention for his frequent first round knockouts.

Guardian D'Amato passed away later that year. His first televised fight was against Jesse Ferguson in 1986, which ended after broken nose for Ferguson in the sixth round. His first title fight was against Trevor Berbick that year, where he won the World Boxing Council (WBC) heavyweight championship after a knockout in the second. He became the youngest heavyweight champion of all time.

Tyson was well known for his speed and accuracy, as well as his perfect Peek-a-Boo defense style. By 1984, he had seized the World Boxing Association (WBA) title and the International Boxing Federation (IBF) title, and even defeated Olympic gold medallist Tyrell Biggs. In 1987, he became the subject of Nintendo arcade game 'Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!'. In 1988, he ended the career of rival heavyweight champion Michael Spinks after Tyson ended his undefeated streak. Tyson lost his first fight in 1990 to Buster Douglas after a knockout in the tenth round, to much shock in the media.

In 1996, Tyson lost to Evander Holyfield in the eleventh round, but the controversy surrounding the referee's decision forced a rematch to be scheduled. The rematch took place the following year and became one of the most shocking fights in history when Tyson bit both Holyfield's ears, managing to tear a piece of flesh from his right lobe. Despite a later apology, his boxing license was temporarily revoked and he was fined $3 million. In 2002, Tyson brawled with Lennox Lewis over some threatening remarks the former made. They later fought in the ring, with Lewis delivering a knock out in the eigth round.

Tyson retired from boxing in 2003, his physical condition waning and his passion becoming somewhat decreased. Mike Tyson: Personal life Tyson was raised in Brooklyn, New York. His parents were baseball player Jimmy Kirkpatrick and Lorna Mae, though Jimmy soon left the family and his mother died when he was 16-years-old. He was subsequently cared for by boxing manager Cus D'Amato.

During his youth he got into regular fights, often due to bullying over his lisp, and committed petty crime. He was arrested more than 30 times before he even reached his teens. He went to the Tryon School for Boys where his boxing talents were picked up by Bobby Stewart who trained him for a time. Kevin Rooney later became his trainer.

In 1992, he was sentenced to six years in prison for the rape of Miss Black Rhode Island, Desiree Washington, after denying the claims in court. He served three years of the sentence and he converted to Islam while inside. He married Robin Givens in 1988 but they divorced a year later due to apparent domestic violence. He was married to Monica Turner between 1997 and 2003, with whom he had two children named Rayna and Amir. The pair divorced over allegations of his adultery. In 2003, he filed for bankruptcy. He had another child named Exodus, who died aged four in 2009 after an accident at home where she lived with her mother and brother. He married Kiki Spicer soon after the incident. Tyson has bipolar disorder and revealed that he was broke in 2010, but grateful for the family that he has. In 2013, he admitted he was struggling with alcoholism.

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When Jamie Foxx Mocked Mike Tyson's Lisp... In Front Of Him

Jamie Foxx Mike Tyson

It's no secret that Jamie Foxx has got some serious backbone, but did you know that he once mocked Mike Tyson's speech impediment in front of him in the early years of his stand-up comedy career? It must have been a damn funny joke seeing as he's demonstrably still alive.

Jamie Foxx at the premiere of 'Sleepless'Jamie Foxx at the premiere of 'Sleepless'

Speaking on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon', Jamie Foxx opened up about his plans for a new stand-up show, returning to the Comedy Clubs he started out in more than 20 years since his work on the TV show 'In Living Color'. He reveals he has a lot of stories to tell, and this one recalls a show he did in a 'hood' club back in the day, when he ended up doing a Mike Tyson joke on the wrong night.

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Mike Tyson - Boxing Legend, Entertainer Mike Tyson Unveils World's First Mike Tyson Madame Tussauds Wax Figure In Las Vegas at Venetian Resort and Casino, Madame Tussauds - Las Vegas, Nevada, United States - Tuesday 1st December 2015

Mike Tyson

Bishop Don Magic Juan, DJ Krazy, Mike Tyson and Keith Washington - Celebrities appear on the Bishop Don Magic Juan Radio Show at RMC online studios at RMC online studios - Los Angeles, California, United States - Monday 23rd March 2015

Bishop Don Magic Juan, Dj Krazy, Mike Tyson and Keith Washington

Bert Marcus and Mike Tyson - Special screening of 'Champs' held at Village East Cinema - Arrivals at Village East Cinema - New York City, New York, United States - Thursday 12th March 2015

Bert Marcus and Mike Tyson

I Am Ali Review

Very Good

Packed with never-released material, this documentary tells the life story of Muhammad Ali from angles we haven't seen before, even as it has a tendency to drift into hero worship. But filmmaker Clare Lewins assembles the material with style and personality, mixing home movies and previously unheard recordings with firsthand interviews with the people who know Ali best. Oddly, many of them speak in the past tense, which makes the film feel like a eulogy for a man who's still alive.

Watch any clip of Ali and it's clear that this man is a force of nature. In his heyday, his charisma was legendary, infusing new life into the boxing world when he emerged as Cassius Clay and was banned from boxing for refusing to participate in the Viet Nam draft. A lifelong activist, Ali has never compromised his principles, being true to himself while sticking up for those around him. He also broke rules by talking directly to the world through the media's cameras, chanting at and dancing around his competitors. But the film's most intriguing aspect is its depiction of him as a doting father who has always had time for his kids. At 72, he lives in Arizona with his wife, and is seriously ill with Parkinson's.

Everyone on-screen has been caught up in Ali's magic, with one noting that looking into his eyes is like seeing God. These kind of comments are a bit too intent on creating a legend while skipping over some of the grittier details of his life. Yes, Lewins seems to get caught up in the mythology as well. The film only briefly touches on his four marriages and children from extra-marital affairs, but it does spend some time exploring his more shocking public comments. Although even these are recalled through the prism of time, offering explanations and even redemption.

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Mike Tyson Stops Traffic To Help Motorcycle Crash Victim In Las Vegas

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson came to the rescue! The American boxing legend was recently a real-life hero as he rushed to save a severely injured motorcyclist after he crashed on a freeway just outside of Las Vegas.

Mike Tyson
Tyson helped an injured motorcyclist after crashing on a busy freeway

Tyson, who was travelling to Sin City in his own vehicle, stopped traffic to rush to the aid of rider Ryan Chesley who went flying off his motorbike after a cab cut him off on the busy road, TMZ reports.

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I Am Ali Trailer

'I Am Ali' is a documentary about the life of the boxing champion Muhammad Ali, as much as it is also a documentary about the people who were inspired and motivated by his image, or through meeting him. The documentary is told, in part, through never before heard audio journals from the boxing legend and human rights activist. Through his huge heavy weight career, as well as his racial justice and religious freedom avocation, Ali became a hero to many people. The film is set to be the third documentary about Ali, although with this new, more personal insight into the man behind the gloves, to could yet prove to be the greatest. 

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Will Jamie Foxx Make A Good Mike Tyson?

Jamie Foxx Mike Tyson

News emerged recently that the legendary and controversial boxer Mike Tyson will be portrayed on the big screen by Jamie Foxx, in a film rumoured to be titled ‘Champion’.

Jamie Foxx Mike Tyson
Jamie Foxx is set to play Mike Tyson in a forthcoming film

But will Foxx do a good job at playing the big man? We reckon so, and here’s why.

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Is Jamie Foxx About To Play Mike Tyson?

Jamie Foxx Mike Tyson

According to Variety, Jamie Foxx is to star as Kid Dynamite himself, former undisputed heavyweight champion of the world Mike Tyson. Having starred as cornerman Drew Bundini Brown in Ali, Foxx is no stranger to the ring, and if everything goes to plan, he'll be stepped back in once more for his next role.

Jamie FoxxIs Jamie Foxx soon going to be donning that distinctive facial tattoo?

The project will be penned by Wolf of Wall Street writer Terence Winter, and is being spearheaded by Rock Yorn, Foxx's manager. As of yet there is no studio or director attached, but considered the project already has Foxx and Winter involved, it's highly unlikely the film will fail to find a distributor. 

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Mike Tyson - The 15th Annual Children Uniting Nations Gala held at Warner Bros. Estate - Arrivals - Beverly Hills, California, United States - Monday 3rd March 2014

Mike Tyson

Neil Patrick Harris Dances With Mike Tyson And Smooches A Pooch During Tony Awards Hosting Job [Video]

Neil Patrick Harris Mike Tyson

Neil Patrick Harris was on hand to present this year's Tony Awards and the How I Met Your Mother actor was on fine form as he delivered one helluva opening and closing performance, continuing to deliver the gods throughout the length of the show. On hand to help him during his hosting duties was Mike Tyson, Sandy; the dog from the Annie musical, and all but closed the case as to why he should be a future Oscar host with a very well-received hosting job.

Harris' opening medley during the Sunday (June 9) night ceremony saw the actor begin with a 'solo-show' featuring just himself and an acoustic guitar, before the whole thing turned into a marvellously Broadway-esque spectacle. During a tribute to Bring It On, Tyson - who had a one-man show on Broadway last spring - then emerged from behind some cheerleaders and promptly joined NPH in the song-and-dance routine.

That wasn't all for NPH during the night though, as the actor made sure the laughs kept coming with a joke-filled routine. When it came time for him to introduce the cast of A Christmas Story: The Musical, the actor brought in Sandy to help him out. At first things were fine and there was no sexual tension between the two, but once Sandy started kissing Neil's cheek things began to get weird and things started getting French between the two. Understandably, the show caused quite a bit of controversy on Twitter after, with viewers outraged that a dog got to make out with NPH but they didn't. It is a cruel world after all.

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Mike Tyson Cartoon Coming To Adult Swim

Mike Tyson

The latest strange happening in the world of Mike Tyson has taken an animated turn; the ex-boxer-cum-TV-star is to star in a new cartoon coming to Adult Swim. He will voice his own character in the show.

“As Adult Swim continues to grow and be the place for great comedic talent as well as surprising and unexpected content, it is important that we expand its development of original programs so that we can build on its success even more,” said Stuart Snyder, president and coo of Turner’s Animation, Young Adults & Kids Media Group. “The record ratings the network is experiencing this year is a testament to the great work being done by all the wonderfully talented people at Adult Swim.” Mike Tyson Mysteries will see the larger-than-life star fight crime and solve mysteries on the street with his trusty sidekick, a pigeon, and a magical tattoo on his arm. It’s an unexpected move by the network and Tyson, but almost certainly a welcome one.

Adult Swim are really ramping up their comedy slate for next season. They’ve taken on some off-network reruns of Fox’s Bob’s Burgers, and announced plenty of new comedies themselves, including Rick and Morty, Mr. Pickles, King Star King, Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell, Robot Chicken DC Comics Special II, Metalocalpyse: The Doom Star Requiem and Hot Package.

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Adult Swim To Air New Cartoon, Starring And Created Around Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson moved on from boxing back in 2006, but it is just now becoming apparent how far he’s moved as he sets out to voice a character in his own animated series on Adult Swim. The former world heavyweight champ will voice an animated detective, who solves mysteries along with his pigeon sidekick. The character features many references to Tyson in real life – the former boxing champion raises racing pigeons, for example. Like the real-life inspiration, his animated version also has a face tattoo, but this one will be magical, said Adult Swim’s statement announcing the show. Sounds like a Tyson vehicle, pure and simple. The question is, will it work?

Tyson, whose reputation had gone downhill after his 1992 rape conviction, has managed to mend his public image somewhat after getting a cameo in the film The Hangover. He is currently trying to build a new name for himself and get a second turn in the entertainment industry. Fresh off the tour for his one-man autobiographical stage show, Tyson will soon start work on The Mike Tyson Mysteries, which will consist of 15-minute episode to air on Adult Swim, but the exact date has not been announced. Regardless, his appearance on the network, which is mainly geared towards young adults, is probably going to earn Tyson some credit with the demographic.

Mike Tyson, Undisputed Truth Stage Opening
After his stage show, the cartoon will be a shift in tone for Tyson. 

The Hangover III Trailer

Alan Garner is going through real emotional trauma when his beloved father passes away. Following the funeral, his friends Stu, Phil and Doug decide to take him back to Las Vegas to recuperate with the hope that previous experience and lack of upcoming weddings will prevent them from getting into any major trouble again with gangs or escaped wild animals. However, that hope is soon shattered when they are jumped by a brutal gang who demand to know where they can find their flamboyant gangster friend Leslie Chow who has allegedly stole $21 million dollars. As expected, the Wolfpack end up in enormous, but hilarious, trouble yet again which leads them to question their friendship ties and vacation choices. Will the foursome survive Sin City this time round? And will Alan find the peace he's looking for?

The Wolfpack returns in the last instalment of this side-splitting trilogy. Academy Award nominated director Todd Phillips ('Road Trip', 'Due Date') returns once more with the co-writer from 'Part II', Craig Mazin ('Identity Thief', 'Superhero Movie', 'Scary Movie 4'). It looks to be a spectacular end to the film series as the foursome's previous alcohol-fuelled vacations come back to haunt them. It is scheduled for release in UK cinemas on May 24th 2013.

Vitali Klitschko and Mike Tyson Tuesday 18th August 2009 Vitali Klitschko, Mike Tyson signing copies of the Blu-ray and DVD 'Tyson' at Borders Sunset & Vine Los Angeles, California

Vitali Klitschko and Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson

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The Hangover III Trailer

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