News emerged recently that the legendary and controversial boxer Mike Tyson will be portrayed on the big screen by Jamie Foxx, in a film rumoured to be titled ‘Champion’.

Jamie Foxx Mike Tyson
Jamie Foxx is set to play Mike Tyson in a forthcoming film

But will Foxx do a good job at playing the big man? We reckon so, and here’s why.

The success of so many portrayals of real life characters in the movies comes down to facial features – how many of the subject’s little quirks and behavioural idiosyncrasies can the actor get right? And in turn, so much of that is down to the face, because it’s where most communication happens. In this respect, Foxx should be perfect. He’ll be able to imitate Tyson’s trademark scowl.

Furthermore, judging by 2004’s Ray for which he won an Oscar, Foxx has the experience of being able to channel a subject’s physical demeanour. He's also no stranger to sports movies. In 2001’s Ali, he portrayed Muhammad Ali’s coach Dwight ‘Bundini’ Brown, and he also featured prominently in 1999’s Any Given Sunday as an American football quarterback.

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Foxx, 46, is only two years Tyson’s junior, but the fight scenes that will obviously require a much younger actor will apparently be filmed using the same CGI techniques used for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, a 2008 film where Brad Pitt’s character was born old and ‘grew up’ with his age running in reverse.

Mike Tyson film
Mike Tyson will be portrayed on the big screen for the first time

It’s not the first time that Tyson has had his life story told. An autobiography called Undisputed Truth was released late in 2013, and he also appeared in a one-man show directed by Spike Lee on Broadway in 2012. The new film is mooted to go into production within the next twelve months.