It's no secret that Jamie Foxx has got some serious backbone, but did you know that he once mocked Mike Tyson's speech impediment in front of him in the early years of his stand-up comedy career? It must have been a damn funny joke seeing as he's demonstrably still alive.

Jamie Foxx at the premiere of 'Sleepless'Jamie Foxx at the premiere of 'Sleepless'

Speaking on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon', Jamie Foxx opened up about his plans for a new stand-up show, returning to the Comedy Clubs he started out in more than 20 years since his work on the TV show 'In Living Color'. He reveals he has a lot of stories to tell, and this one recalls a show he did in a 'hood' club back in the day, when he ended up doing a Mike Tyson joke on the wrong night.

'I'm in the hood, I'm doing a joke and I'm killing LA and I get to my Mike Tyson joke', Jamie explains. 'That's where I usually get a standing ovation, and when I get to the joke, nobody laughed. Nobody. You know why? Because Mike Tyson is in the building.'

It's safe to say Jamie wasn't thrilled to receive this information (a stern voice yelling 'Mike is in here!'), because that's when Mike Tyson was 'knocking people out for just smiling'. 

'Then the dude yelled out, 'Mike said you can do the joke, but that s*** better be funny'', he continued, going on to reveal that the content of the joke related to the heavyweight boxer ordering food at the drive-thru of a KFC with his hugely pronounced lisp. Thankfully, it went down well.

'Mike comes up to me: 'There he is!'' Says Jamie, punching a startled Jimmy's arm to demonstrate the champion's greeting. 'And he just tapped me on the chest and my chest caved in. But that's when I got that bug, man. And I actually hung out with Mike all those times.'

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Well, if you're going to be roasted by anyone, you wouldn't be so put out if it was the multi-talented Jamie Foxx.