Dane Dehaan - Dane DeHaan 'grounds' Life After Beth

Filmmaker Jeff Baena says Dane DeHaan helps make 'Life After Beth' ''believable''.

The 27-year-old actor plays Zach Orfman in the zombie comedy and Baena - who also wrote the script - insists the presence of a ''dramatic'' actor among comedic stars, including Aubrey Plaza, John C. Reilly and Molly Shannon ''raised the stakes'' since audiences can ''relate'' to him.

In an interview with Collider.com, he said: ''Most of the actors in the film are comedic actors, except for Dane who is a generally dramatic actor. I think that casting a dramatic actor in that part grounded it more and it raised the stakes and made it a little bit more believable. As the world is kind of going crazy we at least have this touchstone of someone we can relate to.''

The film is based on Plaza's character, schoolgirl Beth, returning to life after she died in a hiking accident and her boyfriend Zach is shocked but delighted when he finds she's back.

Baena admits aspects of the film are ''unreal'' but wants the emotional side of the story to be reflective of the truth.

He explained: ''I think I just minimised anything that felt unreal. I mean, there's definitely stuff that is unreal and insane and absurd and surreal, but just anything that didn't ring emotionally true I tried to avoid it and if anything felt too jokey I tried to avoid it.''


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Wulfe N. Straat

Why are there so many zombie movies, television shows and video games nowadays? Is there such thing as a Zombie Epidemic? Yet, for something that doesn’t exist, zombies scare the living hell out of us, as if there were truth in what we see. In fact, these “entertainments” are proliferating at an unbelievable rate. Why? What is it that our “social subconsciousness” is trying to reveal to us...without actually putting it into words? What is it that we are being warned against? Juxtapose this scene from the Bible to what you’ve seen in every zombie entertainment. You know the scene well, because you were warned as a child. The tormented populace of Sodom come to Lot’s home, banging on his door like the living dead, needing the pure life of another straight man or woman to revitalize the moral decay at the base of their disease. Such was Sodom in its day; such is America today. It’s a fever in their blood, like the zombies you’ve been warned about. Dare to look beyond their faces...to the living dead. Your gay sons and daughters need the flesh of the living to feel alive. Homosexuality is a contagion, and you have to stop it...sooner than later. Every morally healthy person is an indictment against the corrupted values of these creatures, who have been touched by this disease. As a consequence, the afflicted cannot abide seeing anyone live Life as it was meant to be, with each of these grotesques committed to destroying the moral alternative to their depraved reality. Are they born with the gene? Or, are they afflicted with this abominable disease? In other words, can the emotionally weak be turned with a love-bite on the neck? While seeming to be flighty and gay, these living dead detest what they’ve become, since they are condemned to lurk in the shadows of Life, always on the prowl for fresh meat. And, at every instance, they devour the humanity in those who are unfortunate enough to fall prey to their predations. And then, overnight, a new grotesque is born with the same sick imperative to prey on some other poor unfortunate. Yes, we still love them, despite their new perversion. Yes, we protect them in their affliction. Yes, we cast our votes in support of gay rights. But should we? They’re caricatures of real Life...of Death itself. This is why there are so many zombie movies, television shows and video games nowadays. Because there is such a thing as a Zombie Epidemic. Zombies scare the living hell out of you, as they should, because it is the truth behind the lie that you see and hear in the death shrouds of America. This is why these “entertainments” are proliferating at an unbelievable rate, because the contagion is spreading. This is what the world’s “social subconsciousness” is trying to reveal to you in your dream world of political correctness. This is what you are now being warned against...because: You are living in a Zombie Epidemic! It is raging all around you! And only you can stop it!

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