Who could possibly believe that the new images released of The Amazing Spider-Man 2’s most nefarious villain, The Green Goblin, is in fact baby faced actor Dane DeHaan?  We’d initially assumed that the film would see Peter Parker, alias Spider-Man, played by Andrew Garfield, come up against Electro, played by Jamie Foxx, so we were all surprised to see a flash of the Green Goblin in the trailer. It seems as though Spider-Man will have a few bad guys to contend with in the latest movie!

dane dehaan spiderman 2Dane DeHaan may be cute in real life, but he's horrifying as the Green Goblin

The Green Goblin, who ultimately becomes Peter Parker’s number one enemy, is played by 28 year old DeHaan, and woah, does he look creepy in the new promo shots. DeHaan’s Green Goblin stares menacingly into the camera, his rotten teeth visible through his snarling, chapped grin. His skin looks as though he has a serious case of an incurable swamp lurgy, while he appears to have some kind of apparatus attached to his face and twisted around his neck. His frazzled red hair is a far cry from DeHaan’s mousy blond locks, in fact, if we didn’t know it was the actor, we’d really have no idea.

Such a drastic transformation brings Heath Ledger’s character The Joker from the The Dark Knight trilogy to mind. Ledger tragically died just after he had completed filming The Dark Knight, although he won a posthumous Academy Award for the role, in which he was utterly transfixing. Superbly sinister and mad as a box of frogs, we can’t imagine any actors cast as the Joker in future Batman reboots will be able to top Ledger’s career defining performance.

andrew garfield emma stoneReal life couple Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone also star in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

From what we can gather, looking at the Green Goblin promo shots, it looks as though DeHaan is looking to match Ledger’s performance. The Green Goblin has been played by James Franco and Willem Defoe in the past, but it looks as though DeHaan’s is set to become the most memorable portrayal of the super villain so far. We only have the promo shots to go on so far, but that smile gives us chills everytime we see it, so we can only imagine what it will be like to see him in action. Judging from the images released so far we think something pretty spectacular is in store!

Do you think that Dane DeHaan could rival Heath Ledger in the super villain stakes?

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