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Rob Lowe Heading To Slough For British Tv Comedy

22nd January 2015

Hollywood actor Rob Lowe is following Ricky Gervais to the small British town of Slough for a new U.K. comedy based around the same location as hit sitcom The Office.Gervais' popular U.K. Tv show was...

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The Things They Say: 4544933

20th January 2015

"I went to the mailbox about a month ago and there was a letter from Bill Clinton, out of the blue, just saying the chapter I wrote about dropping my first son at college brought...

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Rob Lowe Quits Golf Over Bird Death

20th January 2015

Rob Lowe gave up golf after killing the Iowa state bird during a tournament.The Wayne's World actor was playing a round in a celebrity match when he took out a flying finch with his ball....

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The Things They Say: 4544938

20th January 2015

"You know why I love James Franco? He's the only person to be worse than me on the Oscars." Rob Lowe jokes about his The Interview co-star's awful Academy Awards hosting gig.

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Rob Lowe: 'Seth Rogen Took No Security Measures Over The Interview Furore'

20th January 2015

Rob Lowe was stunned to find Seth Rogen wandering around an airport alone at the height of the cyber terrorist attack on his comedy The Interview.Lowe, who appears in the film, was shocked when the...

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Rob Lowe's Dead Birdie

20th January 2015

Rob Lowe is too traumatised to play golf again after killing a bird mid-flight when he struck a shot. The 50-year-old actor was taking part in a celebrity golf tournament in Iowa in 2007 when...

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Rob Lowe Turns Action Hero After Boat Crash In Hawaii

5th January 2015

Actor Rob Lowe played a real life hero in Hawaii on Saturday (03Jan15) after helping to rescue passengers from a sailboat after it ran aground.The former The West Wing star was on vacation when he...

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After New Year's Kiss With Miley Cyrus, Patrick Schwarzenegger Has Prank Played On Him By Rob Lowe's Sons

By Elinor Cosgrave | 3rd January 2015

Miley Cyrus is a lucky girl and don't we all know it after her beau Patrick Schwarzenegger was featured in a video in which he flashes his well defined abs!Patrick Schwarzenegger has been dating Miley...

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Chris Rock Is Scared Of Being Hacked

19th December 2014

Chris Rock says everyone in Hollywood is scared that their private emails might be leaked.The 'Top Five' actor claims ''nobody knows what to do'' after controversial email exchanges between Sony executives and stars, including Angelina...

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Hollywood Outraged Over The Interview Cancellation

18th December 2014

Celebrities including Judd Apatow and Rob Lowe have expressed their outrage at Sony bosses after they decided to scrap plans to release Seth Rogen and James Franco's controversial new comedy The Interview following threats from...

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The Things They Tweet: 4512009

17th December 2014

"Wow. Everyone caved. The hackers won. An utter and complete victory for them. Wow." Actor Rob Lowe is in disbelief after Sony Pictures bosses bowed to pressure from hackers and cancelled the release of Seth...

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The Things They Tweet: 4456987

11th November 2014

"To all who serve, all who have served and all who gave all: we can never repay our debt. Thank you. #Gratitude #VeteransDay". Actor Rob Lowe honours America's Armed Forces on Veterans Day (11Nov14).

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Rob Lowe Injured While Surfing

20th October 2014

Actor Rob Lowe is nursing an injured knee after a minor surfing accident on Sunday (19Oct14).The former The West Wing star, an avid surfer, needed stitches to his right knee after a fall left him...

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The Things They Tweet: 4408339

12th October 2014

"Was my great pleasure to know and work with both Jan Hooks and Phil Hartman when I first hosted #Snl in 1990. They were state of the art." Rob Lowe pays tribute to late Saturday...

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Hollywood Defence Attorney Peter Knecht Dead At 78

6th October 2014

A defence attorney who represented Robert Downey, Jr., Rob Lowe and Robert Blake has died at the age of 78.Peter Knecht passed away on Friday (03Oct14) after a two-year battle with cancer. Throughout...

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Rob Lowe No Longer Interested In Running For Office

20th September 2014

The fierce rivalry between America's Republican and Democratic party leaders has prompted actor Rob Lowe to abandon his dreams of a career in politics.The 50 year old, who portrayed White House staffer Sam Seaborn in...

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Rob Lowe Says Sobriety Stopped Him Being Unfaithful

19th September 2014

Rob Lowe got sober so he would stop cheating on his wife.The 50-year-old actor has endured a turbulent personal life that has seen him capture negative headlines - including for an infamous sex tape in...

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Gwyneth Paltrow Gathers Famous Friends For Stand Up To Cancer Telethon

6th September 2014

Gwyneth Paltrow, Halle Berry, Jennifer Aniston, Rob Lowe and Reese Witherspoon joined forces on Friday night (05Sep14) to raise money and awareness for the Stand Up To Cancer charity at a star-studded telethon.The fourth biennial...

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Stand Up To Cancer Reveals Its Incredible Celebrity Line-up

By Stephen Caswell | 20th August 2014

Stand Up To Cancer aims to reiterate the point that everyone is connected and everyone can be affected by cancer with their every-two-year telethon which this year features a stellar celebrity line-up including Pierce Brosnan,...

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'Sex Tape': 5 Of The Most Damning Reviews Of The Cameron Diaz Comedy

By Elinor Cosgrave | 18th July 2014

Sex Tape has been universally panned by critics, which is hardly surprising considering its unimaginative title or what it deals with.Cameron Diaz stars in Sex Tape.Read More: Sex Tape Is One Of The Few Things...

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Rob Lowe To Play Murdered Hotel Heir

15th July 2014

Actor Rob Lowe has been tapped to play a murdered hotel heir in an upcoming Tv movie.The Hollywood veteran has been cast as Ben Novack, Jr., the slain millionaire heir to popular Miami, Florida resort,...

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Rob Lowe Reassured Monica Lewinsky Over The West Wing

3rd July 2014

Rob Lowe once had a bizarre mid-air run-in with Monica Lewinsky while he was preparing to shoot White House-based drama The West Wing.The Hollywood hunk was scanning scripts during a flight before filming the pilot...

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Rob Lowe Opens Up About French Flood Threat

27th June 2014

Actor Rob Lowe has opened up about his vacation terror as French floods threatened to wash himself and his family away during a recent break in Grasse.The star is back in America after the disaster,...

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Rob Lowe Rescued From Floods

26th June 2014

Rob Lowe and his family have been rescued from floods by emergency services.The 'Parks and Recreation' star has been vacationing in Grasse, France with wife Sheryl Berkoff and son Johnny, 18, and their idyllic break...

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Rob Lowe Rescued From French Floods

25th June 2014

Actor Rob Lowe and his wife were involved in a dramatic rescue on Wednesday morning (25Jun14) after they were caught up in severe flooding in France.The south-eastern region of the country was hit by heavy...

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Stars Pay Twitter Tribute To Dads On Father's Day

15th June 2014

A host of famous fathers including Nathan Followill, Rob Lowe and Mark Ruffalo have taken to to mark Father's Day (15Jun14).The stars uploaded moving messages to their own dads, and their kids, in celebration...

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Rob Lowe Still Loves Charlie Sheen

9th June 2014

Rob Lowe still enjoys hanging out with Charlie Sheen even though they lead different lifestyles.The 'Parks and Recreation' star stopped drinking alcohol after checking into rehab 24 years ago, but respects the 'Anger Management' star,...

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The Things They Tweet: 4214769

26th May 2014

"Congratulations to my wonderful son @Johnny_L0we who graduated today. So proud of him." Rob Lowe is a happy father as his son John Owen finishes high school.

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The Things They Say: 4151120

11th April 2014

"In Malibu (California) in 1976, every seventh grader smoked weed like Bob Marley. I tried to fit in so I bought a little pipe because it looked like a Star Trek phaser, and then I...

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The Things They Say: 4149048

10th April 2014

"As I approached this big (50th) birthday, I really started ramping up this surfing of mine. So I chipped a tooth, separated a rib and broke two surfboards in the course of a month and...

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