Review of Come Closer Single by Miles Kane

This new single by Miles Kane, who was formerly a member of The Rascals and the non-famous half of The Last Shadow Puppets, openly embraces one of contemporary British indie's trademark features, the wordless call-and-response sing-along. "Ar ar arawwaaah!" he yells enthusiastically. "Woo ooh-hoo hoo woo!" respond the backing vocals. This is bound to go down well in a room full of drunken, sweaty gig-goers. Meanwhile, Kane's sharp guitar solo, at once clever and understated, provides a slightly more subtle pleasure, and distracts from some of the less successful ideas on show.

Miles Kane Come Closer Single

Kane seems to be trying to channel a sense of swaggering, glowering sexuality, but he doesn't quite get it right. He positively leers his way through the track's opening line, 'what do I have to do to get you where I want you?', and follows this up by repeatedly inviting his special lady friend to 'come closer'. Trouble is, he overdoes the lasciviousness a tad and ends up sounding rather desperate; it's overfriendly-old-man-in-a-bar stuff, which presumably wasn't the intention. The rhythm section doesn't help; they sound uptight where they should strut.

'Come Closer' is a mixed bag, then, and suggests that Kane's solo career could go either way. Maybe re-listening to his ex-bandmate Alex Turner's work would help; Turner knows that subtlety and vulnerability can be far more appealing than blunt over-confidence.

Nick Gale

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