Mary J. Blige used to hate the sound of her own voice.

The Grammy-winning star "didn’t like" the sound of her own voice for years - but her self-love journey has helped to change her opinion.

Mary, 53, said on 'TODAY with Hoda and Jenna': "I didn’t like the sound of my voice.

"But now I listen to my music and now I love everything about me, I do.

"I used to hate everything about me. The sound of my voice, the sound of my speaking voice. And I used to just be afraid to hear any music back."

Mary 's self-love journey has actually helped to transform her entire outlook on life.

The chart-topping star explained: "We grow up thinking we couldn’t boast or brag or love on ourselves, and now I’m doing all that. I’m boasting and bragging and loving on myself because I’ve earned it.

"I have so much fun with myself. I’m like, ‘Girl, you look so good. I’m so proud of you. Oh, that looks nice on you.’ And I’m by myself a lot, so I’m always like, ‘Oh Mary, I love that! Let’s wear this tonight. That’s gonna be hot!’

"I’m my friend, you know, and I love me."

Despite this, Mary acknowledges that she still has faults, and that she's constantly trying to learn and better herself.

The 'Family Affair' hitmaker - who has also enjoyed significant success as an actress - is ultimately determined to "do the right thing" in her life.

Mary said: "I’m not perfect, but I strive to be better and that’s what I love about me. I love the fact that I want to do the right thing, even when it’s hard."