R&B star Mary J Blige has been ordered to pay her estranged husband, Martin “Kendu” Isaacs, a sizeable amount in spousal support in their ongoing divorce battle, new reports state.

The 46 year old star filed for divorce from Isaacs after 12 years of marriage back in July 2016. However, despite Blige’s attempts to argue that their pre-nuptial agreement waived any right that he had to spousal support, a judge has reportedly ordered the singer to pay him $30,000 per month in a temporary arrangement, according to E! Online.

Isaacs, who used to be Blige’s manager when they married back in December 2003, had originally asked for a significantly sum of $129,319 per month to be paid to him, but the judge in the case has lowered that figure substantially.

Mary J BligeMary J Blige is in the process of divorcing her husband of 12 years, Martin 'Kendu' Isaacs

Back in April this year, she had claimed that Isaacs had been overly proliferate with money during their marriage, with documents obtained by People suggesting that he spent $420,000 on “travel charges” that involved his girlfriend, not Blige.

Blige became step-mother to Isaacs’ three children - Briana, Jordan and Nas – but she also argued that her duties toward them no longer existed.

“I am not responsible for supporting [Martin’s] parents and his children from another relationship which he lists as ongoing monthly expenses,” she argued in court documents. Furthermore, she claimed that Isaacs still drives a Mercedes that she paid the lease on and that he still won’t relinquish possession of her “Grammy and other achievement awards”.

Blige claims that, for a long time, she has been the only breadwinner in their household and has up to $10 million in debts. TMZ initially reported the news, and the case continues.

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