Review of SIC Album by Bang On

The influence of hip hop continues on in the UK with Liverpool bred Bang On! A born MC, Elliott Egerton brings 'SIC' on Big Dada Records. He brings potent conviction in his spitting style that has character and personality. The production has the influence of hip hop and dubstep to bring an eclectic sound from Liverpool.

Bang On SIC Album

If you've heard much UK hip hop or grime, you'll be familiar with Bang On! 'SIC' is a perfect release from independent label Big Dada as it has all the hallmarks of independence and DIY culture. The venom of Egerton's spits brings an angst and UK originality that might attract a new or ardent listener. This young MC shows passion and love for his art; however, the edgy element to his sound may create a niche audience of listeners rather than have commercial appeal. I like the mix of influences, especially the guitar elements, however, I feel a bit old for this kinda punch. The lyrics aren't really relating to me too much but I'm feeling the energy.

I feel 'SIC' is a brooding tale of a young MC that has heart but seems limited in a worldly sense. The local expression and the production is certainly a take on Mobb Deep with enthusiasm and they have chosen a good label to develop their sound. I hope he continues to do so.

Tareck Ghoneim

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