Kimberley Walsh is ''too excited'' to sleep.

The former Girls Aloud singer - who is expecting her first child with boyfriend Justin Scott - may be feeling more tired as her pregnancy progresses, but her favourite thing about settling down in bed at night is the fact it makes her baby move more.

She said: ''I'm so happy as the baby's been moving more. When I'm lying in bed, it starts kicking and then I don't want to go to sleep as I'm too excited.

''So I lie awake chasing the baby around my stomach to make sure I feel all the movements.''

The 32-year-old beauty is determined to stay as active as possible throughout her pregnancy so has splashed out on a treadmill to work out at home.

She wrote in her column for Britain's OK! magazine: ''I got a treadmill delivered last week. There's not much I can safely do in the second stage of my pregnancy, but I can walk.

''I do prefer walking outside but I don't always want to go out on my own. I'm determined to do it for an hour each day so I think I'll just put my tunes on at home and hit the treadmill.

''I've always been active and this idea of not doing anything bothers me, so this is a good option for pregnant me.''