Review of Vol. 9 Mixed by Mr Scruff & DJ Spinna Album by Southport Weekender

Southport Weekender release Vol. 9 to their already respected back catalogue of quality mixes. The SPW family celebrate their 25th Anniversary in May 2012 held at Butlins Holiday Resort in Minehead. It's a great achievement for any promotion, but what makes this event so relevant and popular 25 years on is its original passion and love for soul music that has progressed and evolved. The history of soul music and synergy between the UK and the US is certainly instrumental to what we hear in the mainstream charts these days and Southport Weekender has supported that journey for the last 25 years. It's no wonder the best DJ's and producers in the world are a part of the SPW family and always ready to drop a mix on the Southport Weekender Vol. series. With star DJ's such as Kerri Chandler, Gilles Peterson and Jazzie B having played previous mixes, we see the welcome return of UK underground legend Mr Scruff and Brooklyn's creative and world recognised talent DJ Spinna, playing his first mix on this collection.

Southport Weekender Vol. 9 Mixed by Mr Scruff & DJ Spinna Album

I guess what's evident about listening to both mixes is that professionalism, enthusiasm and a genuine love for music shines through. Ultimately, Southport Weekender is about soul and both DJ's truly bring this in abundance. The quality of mixing is first class and the music collection to die for. It brings, for me, a genuine positive feel good vibe and clearly projects a very high standard of DJ ability.

Mr Scruff brings the first mix, projecting a true love for soul, with all the experience of an artist living and breathing music. DJ, producer, cartoonist and tea drinker Mr Scruff really sets the tone for Southport Weekender Vol. 9, playing a host of rare treats, passionately crafted and totally highlighting the musical elements heard at Southport Weekender. Mixing class soul tunes like 'Keep On Getting Down' by Le Frank O, to fantastic fusion sounds by Theo Parrish and house sophistication gems such as 'Rain' by Kerri Chandler all demonstrate this. Other sounds heard such as boogie, dancefloor jazz and an eclectic choice soul tracks, totally illustrate Scruff's collectors flare and sophisticated mix style. This is trademark Scruff, who if you've ever seen him, delivers consistently to this standard and continues to do so with this new release. This mix certainly illustrates why he's such a revered and respected musician in the UK.

DJ Spinna is a legend at Southport Weekender, whose contribution to the genres of music played at SPW is integral to the atmosphere created there. He's worked with the best in the business and been at the cutting edge of innovative musical styles that have truly influenced and shaped the evolution of modern music. A DJ Spinna mix on a Southport Weekender Vol. is certainly welcomed by any Weekender fan and believe me you won't be disappointed! DJ Spinna sends us on a journey through house music played with real passion and love for the music. Indeed it is a master class mix and an absolute representation of the uplifting atmosphere you get there at the Weekender. Throughout the mix Spinna plays an amazing mix of house treats and feel good gems such as 'Capricorn' by 60 Hertz Project, 'Do It' by Shake The Dog and 'Ngawe' by Bossruu featuring Wandile, just to name a few. This is a real gift for any lover of dance music.

Southport Weekender continue their reputation of bringing top quality and world class talent together, creating a brilliant Vol. 9 collection and for me, in what could be a historic year, the perfect warm up album for summer 2012. We can all do with good quality, uplifting music and definitely a dose of soul! Southport Weekender Vol. 9 absolutely brings this to the table. Great stuff!

Tareck Ghoneim

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