Alan Sugar has accidentally revealed on Twitter the winner of this year’s ‘The Apprentice’, three weeks before the final is due to air.

The businessman traditionally follows the show’s winner on Twitter, but no other contestants.

So when looking at Alan’s following list on the social media site, some fans were shocked to see that one contestant had got a follow from Lord Sugar.

Lord Alan SugarOops, Alan Sugar has reveal the winner of this year's 'The Apprentice'

A former contestant told the Daily Mail: "Each year Lord Sugar makes a point of only following the winner – this is what he has done since he joined Twitter in 2011. He started to follow this year’s winner a few weeks ago.”

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"It’s blatantly obvious who has won as Lord Sugar is only following the one contestant, which is hilarious as he makes everyone else toe the line when it comes to secrecy,” the ex-contestant added.

Since the show is pre-recorded, contestants are made to sign a non-discloser agreement, in order to keep the eventual winner a secret. Lord Sugar has since unfollowed the contestant in question, after the gaffe was brought to his attention.

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Fans who are still in the dark will learn the winner on December 18. The six contestants left to battle it out for a £250,000 investment from Lord Sugar are: Alana Spencer, Courtney Wood, Frances Bishop, Grainne McCoy, Jessica Cunningham and Trisha Thakrar.

If you're eager to know who the lucky person Lord Sugar followed was, make a quick search on Twitter.