The right hand man of Lord Alan Sugar, Nick Hewer has hosted Countdown for the past two years, but he might be struggling to keep an eye on the time this week after he was the subject of a street robbery, losing his International Watch Company timepiece. The IWC are a high-end Swiss watch manufacturer with prices beginning at £3500 for a basic design, so it's no wonder Hewer wasn't too happy about the theft. 

Nick Hewer
Hewer's attempt at helping out a tourist ended in disaster

Hewer was asked by tourists to take a photo of them, and when he went to hand back the camera phone, the opportunistic thieves swiped his watch, which is believed to be worth up to £10,000. Hewer was understandably annoyed by the incident, taking to his Twitter account where he posted "NEVER agree to take photo of stranger with their camera phone. They'll steal your watch so fast when you hand phone back Anyone seen my IWC?"

Former PR guru Hewer rose to fame as the sarcastic assistant of Lord Alan Sugar on BBC's 'The Apprentice', and fans were particularly fond of his partnership with Margaret Mountford. Mountford has since been replaced on The Apprentice with Karen Brady, but has reunited with Nick for a series of BBC documentaries, the most recent of which, 'Nick and Margaret: Too Many Immigrants?' aired last month.  

The next series of 'The Apprentice' will air this autumn on the BBC, having been pushed back from summer to avoid clashing with the World Cup.

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