Brett Butler-Smythe became the latest contestant to be fired by Lord Alan Sugar on Wednesday night’s edition of ‘The Apprentice’ after an ‘embarrassing’ performance during the team challenge. The teams had been challenged to pitch some ‘healthy snacks’ to retailers including Tesco, but their efforts were so bad that both ended up with zero sales.

Alan SugarAlan Sugar had a tough time deciding who to fire on Wednesday night’s ‘The Apprentice’.

“That’s never happened before,” Sugar said, when it was revealed that both teams had failed miserably. While there were certainly no winners, Butler-Smythe came into criticism for his ‘waffling’ pitch, which included describing a vegetable as ‘iconic’.

“The initial pitch to the sports company was terrible,” Sugar told him. “You come out with terminology like 'iconic vegetables'. What is an iconic vegetable - Elvis Parsley?” But it was a tough decision for Sugar as any of the contestants could have deserved to go home after the shocking performances.

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But in the end it was 29-year-old Brett Butler-Smythe who got to hear Sugar’s immortal words, “You’re fired.” However after his firing, Sugar did praise Bulter-Smythe for his performance in the competition as a whole. "Well done Brett for the 10 weeks,” Sugar said.

"I do like the way that you wish to be known as an honourable man. You leave here as an honourable man.” Speaking to The Mirror, Butler-Smythe admitted that his performance during the sales pitch was pretty poor.

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"It's embarrassing," he said. "Literally, I was just sat there watching it, I just couldn't believe it. I can't even remember some of the crap that was coming out my mouth… when you're put into a situation and you have to try and promote a faulty product that you've got no confidence in, wholeheartedly, it is very, very difficult.”

Next week the completion enters its interview stage, with only five candidates left to vie for the £250,000 investment from Lord Sugar. 'The Apprentice' airs on BBC One, Wednesday evenings at 9pm.