Ryan Reynolds has reportedly bought a stake in a Mexican soccer team.

The 47-year-old actor and his showbiz pal Rob McElhenney have become the latest big-name stars to invest in Club Necaxa.

The celebrity duo already own the Welsh soccer team Wrexham AFC, and they've now invested their cash into the Mexican soccer club via R.R. McReynolds Company, according to Variety.

Eva Longoria is already invested in Club Necaxa, and the trio will soon be working together in a bid to help raise the profile of the team.

Eva, 49, is said to have encouraged Ryan and Rob, 47, to throw their support behind the project.

Ryan and Ryan have already transformed the fortunes of Wrexham since their takeover in 2020, helping the team to achieve back-to-back promotions.

The pair have also enjoyed huge success with 'Welcome to Wrexham', their award-winning documentary series.

However, it's currently unclear what role they will have with Club Necaxa.

Meanwhile, Ryan previously described his ownership of Wrexham as "the greatest experience" of his life.

Speaking to the BBC in 2023, Ryan shared: "This adventure has been unlike anything else.

"I love it because it's a project that's going to be multi-decades.

"I met a supporter the other day whose grandfather's ashes were scattered across the pitch. I look at this place as like a church."

Ryan also revealed that Wrexham has seen a huge surge of interest in North America.

He said: "In Canada, where I am from, people are obsessed with this club. It's been pretty remarkable.

"We've sold something like 24,000 jerseys and so many of them went to North America. We can't get them anymore - I can't get one.

"The part I find most gratifying is the support from the community outside the club. The fact Wrexham have become a tourist destination for so many folks and they are showing up here - there is something special about this town."