Josh Brolin "so wanted" to be in 'Deadpool and Wolverine'.

The 56-year-old actor previously played Cable in 'Deadpool 2', and Josh has revealed that he would've loved to have reprised the role for the new Marvel movie.

He told ThePlaylist: "I so wanted to be in that movie."

Josh relished playing Cable in the 2018 movie. But the Hollywood star admitted that he doesn't understand the inner workings of Marvel.

The actor - who starred alongside Ryan Reynolds, Zazie Beetz and Morena Baccarin in 'Deadpool 2' - explained: "[Marvel] is a more complex labyrinth than ‘Outer Range’ will ever be, my friend. And I will never know where that went or what that is or what I’m involved with or what I’m not involved with - the MCU being involved now.

"Cable was a lot of fun. I really liked doing that role. That was a lot of fun."

Despite this, Josh doesn't feel any bitterness towards anybody connected to 'Deadpool and Wolverine'.

The actor admitted that he's a huge fan of Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman.

Josh said: "Hugh, I’m absolutely in love with.

"I know Ryan now, and I’ve met Hugh a couple of times, and I think when he did ‘Logan’ - forget it!

"I mean, Scott Frank, who wrote it, is a good friend of mine and I just think the coming together of [these characters] is just fantastic. And Hugh, I don’t know how old Hugh is now - is he 56, 57? I mean, seriously, the dude doesn’t age. So, yeah. I’m a big fan of his."