Review of Sick Scenes Album by Los Campesinos

Ever since their debut album ‘Hold On Now, Youngster...’, Los Campesinos! have been a band like no other. Their energy is unmatched, their exciting songs relatable, and their live performance on another level entirely. It felt like nothing could follow that amazing first album, but now on album number 6, ‘Sick Scenes’, they’re going from strength to strength.

Los Campesinos Sick Scenes Album

‘Sick Scenes’ is everything and more than we expect; the high energy, clever lyrics, plus a bit of confusion on what is actually blasting out in your ears. The album kicks off just how you would expect with ‘Renato Dall Ara (2008)’ which straight away has you hooked. With lyrics like, “He’s a Part-time grass but a Full-time a**hole”, you can’t help but love it.

‘I Broke Up Amarante’ has a slightly different feel to it but still with that familiar sound – though that ‘familiar sound’ in question happens to be entirely unpredictable.

Los Campesinos show that they are not just a one trick pony with ‘The Fall of Home’; a beautiful slow piece that is just a lovely piece of music.

The band addresses love, emotions, politics and general life on album number 6, and it’s refreshing to see such dedicated consistency. These guys stick to who they are and what they represent, and that comes across only too well in the music.

Los Campesinos seem to get better and more inventive with age and, judging by the vitality of ‘Sick Scenes’, there is clearly no chance of them running out of steam too soon.

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