Keanu Reeves hopes to make 'Speed 3' with Sandra Bullock.

The pair starred together in the hit 1994 action film which takes place on a bus that will explode if its speed drops below 50mph and Keanu thinks that the pair could return for another high-octane flick together.

The 59-year-old actor told the '50 MPH' podcast ahead of the original picture's 30th anniversary next month: "I mean, you know - we'd freakin' knock it out of the park."

'The Matrix' star claimed there is "siren call" attracting him to another 'Speed' film and he is desperate to work with Sandra again after they last teamed up for the 2006 romance movie 'The Lake House'.

The 'Crash' actress harbours a similar desire to collaborate with Keanu again before she "leaves this planet".

Sandra, 59, said: "Before I die, before I leave this planet, I do think that Keanu and I need to do something in front of the camera. Are we in wheelchairs or with walkers? Maybe."

The pair did not work together on the disastrous 1997 sequel 'Speed 2: Cruise Control' - which bombed both critically and commercially - and Reeves admits that he declined the chance to reprise his part as LAPD bomb disposal officer Jack Traven as he "didn't respond" to the ocean-set story.

Speaking on 'The Graham Norton Show' in 2021, he recalled: "At the time I didn't respond to the script. I really wanted to work with Sandra Bullock, I loved playing Jack Traven, and I loved 'Speed', but an ocean liner?

"I had nothing against the artists involved, but at the time I had the feeling it just wasn't right."