Dogstar want to continue to make new music.

The band - featuring bassist Keanu Reeves, guitarist-vocalist Bret Domrose and drummer Rob Mailhouse - is back with new single 'Everything Turns Around' after a 23-year hiatus and will release an album 'Somewhere Between the Power Lines and Palm Trees' on October 6.

However, they insisted that this is just the beginning and they plan to follow up the new single and album with even more music in the next few years.

Keanu told Variety Music: "We want to make another record. We wanna get in the studio, we wanna tour, we wanna play, we wanna travel, we wanna have great shows and have people have a really good time."

While they are glad that their old fans are excited about the reunion, the band insisted that the new Dogstar music will be different to their previous work.

Bret said: "I think this is a little lighter maybe than some of the last albums, subject-matter-wise. I think we’re 20 years older, and a lot of life has been lived since the last time we made a record, and it was a nice surprise to see that this is what came out of us. You know, it turns out we’re not as depressed as we used to be. Not every song is summery and happy, but… I hate to say it, but it’s fun."

Keanu added: "I would say it’s definitely representative of Dogstar today and not a comp with the Dogstar of the past. I think it’s developed, as Bret said, just who we are now. We had an amazing record producer, Dave Trumfio, and engineer, Ruddy Lee Cullers, and I think it’s a little more sophisticated. I think there’s a lot of craft in it to make it a feel so summery. so there’s a lot of intention and skill and craft behind the song. And I feel like it’s different than what we were in the past."

And, Keanu thinks the band were unfairly labelled as "grunge" in their early days.

He said: "We were never a grunge band. Dogstar never chased a sound; we never chased being like anybody else. And we certainly weren’t grunge, ever.

"We have guitars. It’s rock songs. … I do want to call it indie pop rock folk."