Keanu Reeves fractured his kneecap when he "tripped on a rug".

The 59-year-old actor was spotted using crutches to move around in January and now Aziz Ansari, his co-star and director on upcoming movie 'Good Fortune', has explained the star was injured following a freak accident in his dressing room on the set of the film.

Speaking at CinemaCon 2024 in Las Vegas, the 41-year-old actor-and-filmmaker said: "About, I don't know, 15 days into shooting with me, I was like, 'Hey, just go chill in your dressing room for 15 minutes.' And he tripped on a rug. He's like, 'Aah, my knee.' "

The 'Master of None' star praised Keanu as "such a trooper" following the injury and explained the actor was determined to still film as much as possible.

He said: "He still filmed everything except some scenes where he needed him to do salsa dancing, which we need to pick up.

"He was like, 'I'll do it!' We're like, 'Keanu, calm down. We'll do the salsa dancing once your knee's healed.' "

Aziz noted the irony of the 'John Wick' actor having done extreme stunt work over the years without ever needing "to go to the hospital or anything."

He said: "He's done those 'Wick' movies, all the 'Matrix' stuff. In 'Speed', he actually did attempt to do the jump from the car to the bus. It wasn't the take they used, but he did do it."

Keanu works closely with stunt performers and it was previously revealed he had given the 'John Wick 4' team personalised "death count" T-shirts and engraved Rolex watches.

The film's fight coordinator Jeremy Marina told the New York Times: "At the end of the shoot Reeves made T-shirts for the stunt performers emblazoned with the number of times they were slain over the course of the entire movie."

The stunt performers are said to have "died" onscreen up to 20 times during the course of the film.

Keanu is also said to have presented four of the stunt workers with Rolex Submariner watches worth more than $9,000 each engraved with the words "The John Wick Five" along with the crew member's name and the message: "Thank you ... Keanu ... JW4 2021."

The actor is also believed to have purchased one of the watches for himself.