Emilia Fox says her relationship is like "a daily marriage of love".

The 49-year-old actress married Jared Harris - the son of late acting icon Richard Harris - in 2005, but the pair split in 2008, before becoming legally divorced in 2010.

Emilia - who has 13-year-old daughter Rose with Jeremy Gilley - has been with Netflix producer Jonathan Stadlen for almost three years now, and although they haven't ruled out walking down the aisle, they feel like they are married already.

She told Yours magazine: "We go to bed and tell each other how much we love each other. We’ve been together nearly three years, and we still do it."

Emilia Continued: "We very much feel like we are married, but we're not actually married.

"We choose to marry each other every day; not in an official capacity, but by choice of being with each other. So it's a daily marriage of love."

The 'Pianist' star - who has also enjoyed romances with the likes of Vic Reeves and Marco Pierre White - gushed: "To find someone who I'm so totally compatible with is amazing."

Emilia is grateful that they are able to work through any issues they have and loves how "supportive" and "understanding" her man is.

She said: "We work through all the things that we bring with our history too, we really talk and communicate.

From my history of having therapy, I find it very refreshing to be with someone who wants to do that together.

And he's got children, so he understands parenting.

"It's very supportive.

"He's the most loving, the most kind, the most thoughtful, the most generous-spirited man, and I feel very together with him. And that's a really lovely feeling. I definitely know how lucky I am."