Emilia Fox thinks all women should learn to pole dance.

The 36-year-old actress - who is currently expecting her first child with actor Jeremy Gilley - has revealed she finds the sexy activity "liberating".

She said: "I've always been the last one to get up on the dancefloor or at a party. I'm just too self-conscious. Then I had to learn pole dancing for my role in 2006's 'Cashback' and I found it completely liberating."

Emilia insists pole dancing lessons have helped her feel confident about her body.

The screen beauty said: "It taught me how to feel confident about my body so that dancing came naturally. I wouldn't encourage any woman to get involved in the sex trade, but I'd highly recommend they try pole dancing or striptease for their own amusement, and that of their partner."

However, Emilia also has a quiet side. The 'Pride And Prejudice' star said she loves nothing more than to work in her garden and uses it to escape from her hectic career.

She said: "There are few things in life that make me as excited as growing sweet peas or watching my roses bloom. When something I've grown has turned out perfectly, it's my equivalent of playing a gig at Wembley Stadium or winning a Wimbledon tennis final. My garden is an escape from the world of acting and socialising."