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Duffy (born Aimee Anne Duffy, 23.6.1984) Duffy is a Welsh singer-songwriter, who rose to fame with the release of her debut album, Rockferry. She is the first Welsh female to have a UK number one single in the last 25 years.

Childhood: Duffy was born and raised in Nefyn, North Wales. She has a twin sister, Katy and one older sister, Kelly. When she was 10, Duffy's parents divorced and she moved to Pembrokeshire, where she lived with her sisters and her mother.

When she was younger, Duffy was asked to leave her school choir, as her voice was 'too distinctive.' Aged 15, however, she began singing in local bands and in 2002 embarked on a musical project in Switzerland with Soren Mounir.

Musical Career: Duffy's professional singing career began to escalate when she sang on two tracks for Mint Royale's See You in the Morning album. She later met Owen Powell (of Catatonia) and Richard Parfitt (of 60ft Dolls), who introduced her to Jeanette Lee, the music manager and former member of Public Image Ltd.

Lee encouraged Duffy to relocate to London and introduced her to former Suede guitarist, Bernard Butler. Butler gave Duffy a number of old soul artists to listen to on her iPod and together, they concocted a new 'retro' sound for the singer.

In 2007, Duffy signed a contract with A&M Records. After signing the deal, she was often cited as being 'the next Amy Winehouse'. On New Year's Eve, 2007, Duffy appeared on Jools Holland's Hootenanny, a live music TV show. Her performance saw here singing with legendary soul singer Eddie Floyd.

Duffy's debut album, Rockferry, featured production by Bernard Butler on four of the songs. The biggest hits from the album were 'Mercy', 'Warwick Avenue' and 'Stepping Stone'. 'Mercy' has featured in Sex and the City: The Movie as well as Gray's Anatomy and ER. The song also won her the 'Song of the Year' gong at the 2008 MOJO awards. In September 2008, Duffy appeared on Saturday Night Live and The Late Show with David Letterman.

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Legend - First Look Trailer

Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, London was at the mercy of the terrifying Kray twins (Tom Hardy). Reggie Kray was forced to spend most of his life holding back his identical twin brother, Ronnie, who suffered from paranoid schizophrenia. As acclaimed night club owners and feared gangsters, the two twins were seen to own London, and lived a life of glitz and glamour, as well as blood and brutality. That is, until Detective Superintendent Leonard "Nipper" Read (Christopher Eccleston) took the task of bringing two of the most powerful and dangerous criminals in the city's history to justice, by any means necessary. 

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Jack White Apologises For Black Keys & Meg White Rolling Stone Comments

Jack White Meg White White Stripes Black Keys Adele Amy Winehouse Duffy Karen Elson

Jack White, the former frontman of The White Stripes, has apologised for the seemingly insensitive comments he made in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine. White is the cover of June's Rolling Stone magazine and made a series of comments in the accompanying interview in which he appeared to criticise The Black Keys, amongst others, for capitalising on the sound and music style he made so popular. 

Jack White
Jack White has issued an apology to numerous acts.

White's comments about The Black Keys were revealed when his ex-wife, Karen Elson, made public emails between the two which described White's opinions on the band. The revelation was as a result of their ongoing divorce case. 

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Apathy Almost Killed The Cat As Duffy's Home Goes Up In Smoke


There truly is no smoke without fire. If Duffy didn't already know this, having sung a song of same name, she certainly does now as her £12m ($19m) apartment in Kensington, London was engulfed by flames last night (3rdOct2012).

The 28-year-old singer was apparently with a friend and her cleaner, in the process of packing to move house when the fire broke out. Although the 6000 sq/ft property, that occupies both the 9th and 10th floors of the 12 floor apartment block, has its own pool and private cinema, at the forefront of Duffy's mind were her 2 cats and dog. The Evening Standard reports that the singer was seen to be looking for her cat Felix, “Where’s my cat? Come on, come here.” she shouted, and, as her neighbour Maria McLeod quotes, “Felix this is your last chance!” Luckily, Felix was found later, hiding beneath a van, so all inhabitants of the flat seem to have got out unscathed, if a little shaken.

Duffy has been on hiatus since last year, but has been making plans to begin performing and recording again, as she is due to perform in the United Arab Emirates next month. However, her house fire is another in a long list in unfortunate year Duffy, having broken up with her rugby-player boyfriend, Mike Phillips, earlier in the year and being sued by her former manager.

Duffy Discovers There's No Smoke Without Fire After Blaze Rips Through Kensington Home


Duffy once sang the song Smoke Without Fire, and the Welsh singer certainly found herself proved wrong after being forced to flee a blaze that ripped through her 12th floor apartment in Kensington, London last night (October 3rd.) The pop star though didn't leave without her pets, managing to save her dog and one of her cats. Troublingly her other cat Felix disappeared, and she was seen to be crying out "Where's my cat? Come on, come here".

A neighbour who also lives in the 12 floor building told London paper The Evening Standard "I gave her a cup of coffee and she said her cleaner was there and needed some too. She was lovely, just in shock." They added "I asked her what had happened. She said 'that's my flat!' kind of half-laughing in shock. She said that when she left the flat she had to shout 'Felix this is your last chance!' She thought they would have to leave him there. I just felt sorry for her."

"She was running about all over the place" said another neighbour. "When the police arrived they calmed her." Thankfully, Felix was found hiding under a white van and, after being reunited, they were driven away in a black Mercedes. It wasn't good news for others in the building though, who ended up staying in a rescue shelter overnight.

Video - Billy Duffy On London Riots, "Just Guys Stealing Shoes And IPods"

BILLY DUFFY, the English songwriter and guitarist with post-punk band 'The Cult', leaving Spagos restaurant in Beverly Hills after having dinner with Scott Ian of 'Anthrax' and Chad Smith of 'The Red Hot Chilli Peppers'. When quizzed on the recent London riots, Duffy said, "I don't know.I don't go back there that much.I think it's just a load of guys stealing shoes and iPods mostly, I don't think it's much more than that".

Credited with introducing The Smiths' Johnny Marr to the guitar and giving Morrissey his first singing gig with his band The Nosebleeds, Duffy became a prominent individual in the British punk and post-punk scenes of the 1970's and 1980's

Duffy, Endlessly Album Review

Welsh songwriter Duffy has had a great start to her career with her debut album being the best-selling album in the UK in 2008 and becoming the first Welsh female-singer to top the UK singles Chart in 25 years. After a lengthy absence, Duffy returns now with her sophomore offering, Endlessly. The result, whilst the short ten track listing may disappoint, is a fun and attractive addition to her portfolio.

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Keith Duffy, Boyzone, Duffy, Shane Lynch and Stephen Gately - Keith Duffy, Stephen Gately and Shane Lynch of Boyzone Berlin, Germany - visit 104.6 RTL Radio station in Berlin. Boyzone were promoting their new greatest hits album which will be released later this year Tuesday 7th October 2008

Keith Duffy, Boyzone, Duffy, Shane Lynch and Stephen Gately
Shane Lynch, Boyzone, Duffy, Keith Duffy and Stephen Gately

Duffy Tuesday 13th May 2008 Performs and meets her fans at a signing sessions at Virgin megastore in Union Square New York City, USA


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Legend - First Look Trailer

Legend - First Look Trailer

Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, London was at the mercy of the terrifying Kray twins...