Duffy once sang the song Smoke Without Fire, and the Welsh singer certainly found herself proved wrong after being forced to flee a blaze that ripped through her 12th floor apartment in Kensington, London last night (October 3rd.) The pop star though didn't leave without her pets, managing to save her dog and one of her cats. Troublingly her other cat Felix disappeared, and she was seen to be crying out "Where's my cat? Come on, come here".

A neighbour who also lives in the 12 floor building told London paper The Evening Standard "I gave her a cup of coffee and she said her cleaner was there and needed some too. She was lovely, just in shock." They added "I asked her what had happened. She said 'that's my flat!' kind of half-laughing in shock. She said that when she left the flat she had to shout 'Felix this is your last chance!' She thought they would have to leave him there. I just felt sorry for her."

"She was running about all over the place" said another neighbour. "When the police arrived they calmed her." Thankfully, Felix was found hiding under a white van and, after being reunited, they were driven away in a black Mercedes. It wasn't good news for others in the building though, who ended up staying in a rescue shelter overnight.