Seal Explains His Stance On Oprah-Shaming Meme

Seal Oprah Winfrey

While most observers were keen to heap praise on Oprah Winfrey following her impassioned speech at the Golden Globe Awards, not everyone was impressed by her words. Seal later posted on social media a meme featuring Oprah pictured with Harvey Weinstein and questioned the double-standards of Hollywood.

Seal pictured arriving at LAXSeal pictured arriving at LAX

When Oprah spoke about the systematic abuse of women in the workplace and the lack of justice for many women who tell their stories, it seemed like she was speaking the minds of everyone watching. But British singer Seal wasn't buying any of it, seemingly accusing her of knowing about Harvey Weinstein all along.

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Seal Brands Oprah Winfrey "Sanctimonious"

Oprah Winfrey Seal Harvey Weinstein

The growing hype behind a potential Oprah Winfrey presidential campaign doesn’t seem to have everybody enamoured with the idea, with singer Seal dubbing the star as “sanctimonious” and accusing her of being aware of Harvey Weinstein’s misdeeds well before they were made public.

The 54 year old singer launched a stinging attack on the legendary American chat show host, just a few hours after she delivered a rousing speech at the 2018 Golden Globes at the weekend, at which virtually all the female stars wore black in solidarity with the #metoo movement.

Winfrey had told the crowd that “a new day is on the horizon” where nobody will be a victim of sexual violence. That speech sparked a resurgence of interest in long-standing speculation that she might run for president in 2020, with big-name stars throwing their support behind her.

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Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping - Teaser Trailer

With the passing of each decade, the music industry is constantly set alight by the most recent saviour of pop and Connor4Real is the latest major record label cash cow but behind every great talent there's a whole host of people working behind the scenes to create the finished Connor4Real package. 

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Right Before Valentine's Day, Heidi Klum Splits From Bodyguard Martin Kirsten

Heidi Klum Seal

Heidi Klum has renewed her membership to the single ladies’ club. The supermodel has split from her bodyguard boyfriend Martin Kirsten after a year and a half together. The couple began dating shortly after Klum filed for divorce from Seal back in 2012. Klum and Kirsten's relationship was made official (media official, that is) in September of the same year. In addition to the breakup, Klum (40) and Kirsten (41) are also ending their professional relationship.

Heidi Klum
Klum and Kirsten have been together since late 2012.

However, according to People, there are no hard feelings between them and it sounds like an amicable split. "Martin was there for her during a challenging time in her life and it was something she will always be grateful for," says a friend close to Klum.

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Seal, Lou Sulola Samuel and Seal Henry Samuel - Seal takes his children and their friends to Cecconi's restaurant for lunch - Los Angeles, California, United States - Saturday 14th December 2013

Seal and Lou Sulola Samuel

Heidi Klum On Marriage: "I Don't Have The Urgency Anymore"

Heidi Klum Seal

Following Heidi Klum's divorce from Seal, the model isn't harbouring any plans to re-marry or find a young man to wake up next to. She's been talking to Marie Claire about her lack of marital ambition. 

"No. No," Klum tells Marie Claire at the very mention of another marriage. "I wanted to keep the memory of our wedding alive every year, and that's why I thought it would be fun to get married over and over. But now I don't think it is that important." The Project Runway presenter added that she'd only consider getting married under special circumstances. "Maybe if I'm with someone for 15 or 20 years, and we do it in our old age as a fun thing to do," she says. "But I don't have the urgency anymore."

Considering her recent divorce from Seal, who, let's face it, is no spring chicken, Klum could be forgiven for wanting to try out some younger guys. But she's not keen on that, "because the truth is that when men get older, their shape changes," she told the magazine. "Younger men train more, and when the clothes come off, it is nice to look at a sexy, ripped body. But I am realistic. ... I don't think I could deal with waking up next to a 25-year-old."

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Seal - Henry Samuel and his father Seal Thursday 19th July 2012 Singer Seal picks up his children from his estranged wife's apartment


Heidi Klum and Seal Thursday 26th January 2012 Heidi Klum's Audi Q7 car is towed from the gated community where she lives. Klum and husband Seal have recently separated.

Heidi Klum and Seal

Video - Heidi Klum Filming For Extra

German model and actress Heidi Klum (Ella Enchanted; The Life and Death of Peter Sellers) is spotted at The Grove in Los Angeles filming a segment for the entertainment news programme 'Extra'. She is sitting with a celebrity, who she sprays perfume on, before spraying herself and smelling it. She is later seen posing for photographs with three little girls. After filming, she signs a few autographs for fans.

Heidi's marriage to the soul singer Seal frequently makes tabloid headlines; one such newspaper called theirs 'a patchwork family' and the couple frequently generate news when they renew their vows every year in front of friends and relatives

Video - Heidi Klum, Seal And Their Children Arrive Back At LAX After Spending Time In Florida Renewing Their Wedding Vows

Heidi Klum, Seal and their children arrive back at LAX after spending time in Florida renewing their wedding vows

Seal and Ed Sullivan - Wednesday 22nd September 2010 at The Late Show With David Letterman New York City, USA

Seal and Ed Sullivan

Seal and Henry Samuel - Seal and Henry Samuel Los Angeles, California - Seal takes his children to a soccer practice at a park in West Hollywood Saturday 28th March 2009

Seal and Henry Samuel

Seal, Video Interview

Seal - Video Interview

Watch our Seal video interview about his new album 'Soul'

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Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping - Teaser Trailer

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping - Teaser Trailer

With the passing of each decade, the music industry is constantly set alight by the...