The controversial docudrama Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden -- controversial primarily because of the decision to air it two days before the presidential election -- turned out to be a big winner for The National Geographic Channel, which aired it Sunday night. The film, which recounts the events surrounding the raid that killed bin Laden, averaged 2.7 million total viewers, the channel's biggest audience this year. We are overwhelmed that viewers across the country responded en masse to this socially relevant, factually based and entertaining film that highlighted the real inside story behind the manhunt for bin Laden and the heroes in our military and intelligence agencies, David Lyle, CEO National Geographic Channels, said in a statement. It proved that no matter who Americans are planning to vote for, a good film is a good film, and we are happy to have had such success with our first original broadcast of a feature film inspired by real-life events.