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Manu Bennett "Disappointed" He Won't Play Deathstroke On The Big Screen

Joe Manganiello may have officially debuted his full Deathstroke outfit last month, and made his debut in the DC Extended Universe, appearing in the post-credits scene for 'Justice League', but that doesn't mean the fan-favourite...

Marc Guggenheim Reveals He Had To Ask Dc's Permission To Bring Deathstroke Back To 'Arrow'

With the end of 'Arrow' season 5 came the return of the villainous Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke, played by Manu Bennett. Returning to the show and with the trained killer seemingly looking for redemption, the...

Manu Bennett Teases Deathstroke's Return For 'Arrow' Season 6

For five seasons now, 'Arrow' has managed to entertain audiences on US network The CW, making the DC Comics hero Green Arrow a household name and not just somebody that comic book readers were familiar...

Manu Bennett Returns As Deathstroke In 'Arrow' Season 5 Finale Trailer

Based on the fan favourite DC comics characters and their individual various storylines, 'Arrow' has entertained audiences on American TV network The CW for almost five full seasons now, bringing Oliver Queen aka the Green...

'The Shannara Chronicles' Brings Elves, Demons And A Big Tree To Mtv [Spoilers]

'Lord Of The Rings' fans and, perhaps, 'Game Of Thrones' fans will no doubt be glued to MTV for the next few weeks since the first episode of elven fantasy 'The Shannara Chronicles' aired last...

'Hobbit' Actor Manu Bennett Arrested For Assault At Comic Con Event

Manu Bennett, one of the stars of The Hobbit movies and the TV series ‘Arrow’, has been arrested for assault after he reportedly punched a 29 year old male fan at a Comic Con event...

The Hobbit Actor Arrested For Alleged Assault

The New Zealand-born actor was in town for the Alamo City Comic Con and attended an after party at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, where the incident reportedly occurred around 4.30am. According to...

'Arrow' Introduces Classic Dc Villain, Played By Summer Glau

CW's Arrow has finally introduced new DC Comics villain Ravager, who was created in last night's episode of the superhero TV drama. DC fans were certainly in for a pleasant surprise despite the entrance of...

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