With the end of 'Arrow' season 5 came the return of the villainous Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke, played by Manu Bennett. Returning to the show and with the trained killer seemingly looking for redemption, the character played a huge part in the season's finale earlier this year and will be back once more when season 6 makes its debut next month.

Manu Bennett is a firm fan favourite from the 'Arrowverse'Manu Bennett is a firm fan favourite from the 'Arrowverse'

Though he's still a villain at heart, there's going to be a two-part narrative for Deathstroke in season 6, which we're sure will break down his character like never before. Discovering his modern-day motivations will surely allow viewers to look at his anger and aggression from an all-new perspective, and whilst the majority of us will never forgive him for what he's done in the past - including killing Moira Queen and forcing Roy to kill a police officer using mirakuru - it's always good for new layers to be brought to somebody who's been integral to a show's success.

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim this week revealed how he had to ask permission for Deathstroke's comeback, explaining to Collider: "It was a function of – you know, DC control these characters. We went through a period where DC said, ‘We’ve got plans for Deathstroke that don’t include Arrow.’ That changed at the end of this year because I basically, you know, we knew we were going to Lian Yu and we had to see Slade Wilson, so I went to DC and said, ‘Listen, I know you guys have plans for him and, you know, that’s all cool, but you’ve got to give us this one because we can’t go to Lian Yu and not see Slade Wilson,’ and as part of those conversations we also were like ‘and he’ll also need to be in the season premiere of season 6 because that ties into, you know, our plans, and it would be really great if we could tell a, you know, a Slade Wilson-centric story. We’ve never truly done that.’ So we’re doing a cool two-parter, episodes 5 and six this year and the flashbacks will be from Slade’s perspective and it’s very much a Slade/Oliver two hander. It’s always great having Manu on the show, and, again, it’s like, we just have to operate, you know, within the requirements of DC."

'Arrow' has done incredibly well in bringing DC into the homes of many who would never have really given the franchise a second look if they didn't have a show like this to fall in love with. Knowing that DC rip away characters whenever they feel they want to use them in the cinematic world is a little disheartening, as it's not hard to understand that the movie world and the television world are two separate universes.

In saying that, the hype surrounding a character would certainly be a lot less if they had been appearing on television for some time, only for a new face to tackle them on the big screen. It can be confusing for casual fans to understand how this works, so you have to see where DC is coming from when it vaults certain heroes and villains from the world of television.

Fortunately, that's not what they're doing anymore with Deathstroke, and we can't wait to see what Guggenheim and the rest of the team working on 'Arrow' have in store for his fans.

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'Arrow' season 6 premieres in the US on The CW on October 12, before returning to the UK on Sky1 later this year.