Review of Cloud Nine Album by Kygo

Kygo's debut Cloud Nine was released this week, sadly not quite living up to the high expectations of his chart releases. The Intro is a 2 minute, instrumental track featuring soft keys giving a slight introduction to the momentous 15 track album.

Kygo Cloud Nine Album

The 2nd single to be released from Cloud Nine was Stole The Show, bringing tropical house into its true form, with a slow subtle pace during the verses before leading into a faster chorus. The distinctive vocals from upcoming artist Parson James help make the track a standout point of the album. 

Kygo has undoubtedly pushed tropical house to the mainstream using vocalists such as Kodaline, (featured on his lasted single release Raging). The guitars and subtle vocals from the Irish band contrast typical electronica and house tracks. An unlikely collaboration on track Fiction, featuring Tom Odell, helps make the track come alive on what is otherwise quite a mediocre song. Odell's vocals are exposed yet dominant overtaking and making listeners forget this is a Kygo release. 

Firestone -the first track to gain the 24 year old DJ international recognition marks a transition in the dance genre. First gaining attention in December 2014 in anticipation of release of the debut album, Firestone has become one of the most listened and streamed since its release. Vocalist Conrad Sewell uses his emotive and vulnerable vocals give an edge to the defining deep house track. 

Kygo has featured impressive guest vocalists on his debut with the likes of John Legend, Foxes and Labrinth but often feel lost and misplaced within the album. Fresh talent including Matt Noyes, Will Heard and Matt Corby often overtake the track showcasing their pure vocals and talent.

The debut album has left an average impression amongst the tropical house scene but the Norwegian musician has remained dominant in both the dance and worldwide charts over the last year. Kygo's experimentation and creativity in his debut is noticeable proving why he has become one of the most in demand DJ's and producers within the past 18 months but Cloud Nine is rather an album just for a few great single rather a whole solid album you can listen from start to finish.

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