Review of Rock Dust Light Star Album by Jamiroquai

Since forming in 1992 this outfit fronted by Jay Kay have amassed record sales of over 25 million, as well as landing international recognition in the form of 1997's Grammy Award. Having completed their contract with Sony they've now landed on the Mercury roster to present album number eight, due for release November 1 2010.

Jamiroquai Rock Dust Light Star Album

For a band known for their funk sound the decision to open this record with 'Rock Dust Light Star' is rather strange due to it being somewhat subdued. Kay's smooth vocals are very much intact but a weak hook and unnecessary duration don't make for the best of starts. Thankfully 'White Knuckle Ride' is more familiar, mastering a mood both suited for grooving and chill out sessions, but it is far from being the crossover hit that is usually found on a Jamiroquai album. Unfortunately this moment fails to materialise, instead come the lightweight 'Two Completely Different Things' and the breezy 'Lifeline'. Rather surprisingly the highlight to be found is 'Blue Skies', which is built upon a beautiful melody to create an emotive ballad that avoids becoming overblown. Positioned at the central point of the release, it stands up to be counted unlike the rest of this offering.

Alex Lai

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