Review of Shout It Out Album by Hanson

From its' very opening track, 'Waiting For This', Shout It Out sounds distinctively Hanson which places the listener on the borderline in a decision between whether this is good or bad news. A piano glissando leads straight into a pounding energetic pop feel that launches into a cliché, and very much as expected, pop chorus sounding the three brothers singing in harmony before breaking through to a guitar solo. Track two, 'Thinking 'Bout Somethin'', is then a soul infused catchy clap along complete with horn section and funky soul bass. As cheesy and out and out pop as Hanson's music might continue to be, the soul influence and well developed instrumental blend of this track at least offers more of a maturity to their sound which maybe even harks towards contemporary soul song writing greats Bruno Mars and Cee Lo Green.

'Kiss Me When You Come Home' is another piano-led track, complete with improvised jazzy piano solo, however also a pretty bland and indifferent example of American pop, whilst 'Carry You There' is a down tempo ballad with a piano accompanied, three part vocal introduction that then continues into a catchy, typical boy band chorus and the chugging guitar drive of the likes of McFly. Again, it's a marginally more mature sound from Hanson, especially when compared to the E-number fuelled teenage boy energy of their former musical selves. 'Give A Little' then opens with a catchy and distinctive guitar riff then minimal percussion over which the vocals sound before launching back into another catchy, soulful, brass-backed clap along chorus. Refreshingly, the instrumentation of 'Give A Little' isn't all go all the way through which provides welcome variety to the chug of the previous track, so too the almost Buble-like, ambitious big band-esque sound of 'Make It Out Alive' which follows. This is contrasted further with the reggae funk tinged 'And I Wanted' which sounds a gentle yet funky, horn-flanked blend with a strong offbeat.

Hanson Shout It Out Album

From the snore-inducing Westlife-esque piano and string accompanied ballad, 'Use Me Up' through to 'Me Myself And I' which concludes the album as a very down tempo, Westlife-worthy, heartfelt ballad, the closing tracks of Shout It Out pass by without significant interest, though 'Me Myself And I' does undeniably showcase the strength of the Hanson brothers' vocals and again, their maturity, accompanied by expressive, well-played piano. With the exception of a mere couple, the songs don't really have any distinctive memorable melodies and staying power; unfortunately for Hanson, Shout It Out is very much an album of indifference.

Hannah Spencer

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