Review of Eskmo Album by Eskmo

Eskmo is known for creating 12' dance format tracks, this new venture is a brave exploration into song based electronic fused tapestries that I have to say are quite compelling. Residing in San Francisco this is a bohemian exploration of bleeps, sonic adventures and deep sentiment. It certainly makes for sophisticated listening without being too pretentious.

Eskmo Eskmo Album

In fact that's the beauty of it. You can't help feeling 'Eskmo' is a heartfelt display of emotion and due to the nature of the progressive sounds and compositions, it produces an altogether new-music-feel, it has a familiar ambient / electronica undertone, yet Eskmo displays a courage in his song writing that shows he's willing to try new things. Something you can't help but respect him for. Many fans of Four Tet, Boards Of Canada and The Orb could definitely like 'Eskmo'.

I have to say I really like this album. The layers and obvious craftsmanship standout and the use of new sounds / production certainly make it relevant to all forms of dance music. 'Eskmo', for me, has longevity to it and those looking for inspiration should start by looking here. Each track tells its own story, from 'Cloudlight' to 'The Melody', each with its own uniqueness.

The music is accessible enough to appeal to a wide audience yet retains its edge which makes it compelling music able to create a haunting and moody vibe. This is deep stuff and another great addition to the Ninja Tune label. Cool!

Tareck Ghoneim

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