Review of Cookin Gumbo Album by Captain Planet

Charlie Bethel (aka Captain Planet) releases 'Cookin Gumbo' on Brooklyn label Bastard Jazz Recordings. As his previous releases fused Latin, African and Indian sounds with his hip hop production sensibilities to produce progressive and upbeat sounds, there was an anticipation for this album. 'Cookin Gumbo' continues on with fusion flavours that is fresh, uplifting and well worth the wait!

Captain Planet Cookin Gumbo Album

'Cookin Gumbo' is a cool album indeed! With great rhythms, beats and infectious grooves you can't help but get a good feeling from listening to it. It's progressive and makes for great dance floor vibrations. From cool tracks such as 'Samba Radiante 2011' to upbeat 'On Yer Feet' and 'Macumba' it all adds to a selection of cool tracks that feel contemporary and interesting. I really enjoyed listening to it.

Captain Planet should be proud of this album. He's bringing a fusion of world sounds together with a New York attitude in a hip hop sense that sounds funky, cool and slick. There's nothing too flashy or remarkable throughout this album to make it seem too obvious and it allows a freedom and rawness that fits chic and expansive to me. It all adds to a progressive experience that is educational, inspiring and darn cool! Well done!

Tareck Ghoneim

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