Bloodhound Gang have been banned from a Ukrainian festival after a video of one of their rebellious onstage incidents circulated. The clip shows bassist Jared Hasselhoff stuff a Russian flag down his trousers then reach through to pull it out from the back after instructing "Don't Tell Putin" to the audibly excited crowd who collectively cheered after the controversial stunt.

Jared Hasselhoff
Bassist Jared Hasselhoff Enraged The Russian Federation By Disrespecting The Country's Flag.

The band, known for their song 'The Bad Touch,' have experienced a backlash from Russian authorities after last week's (31st July) performance in the Ukrainian city of Odessa, with Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky describing the band as "idiots" and said they were "packing their suitcases," according to BBC News. "I spoke to the Krasnodar region authorities. Bloodhound Gang is packing their suitcases," Mr Medinsky said on Twitter. "These idiots will not perform in Kuban."

The Bloodhound Gang
The Band Are Known For Being Wild & Rebellious.

Known for their sexually explicit lyrics, the band were set to play in the Russian city of the Kubana festival held in the first week in August in Russia's southern Krasnodar region last Friday (2nd August) but their performance was cancelled after the outrage sparked by the onstage antics.

Watch A Clip Of Bloodhound Gang's Festival Performance That Sparked Outrage:

Although Hasselhoff is thought to have apologised for his actions, Ukrainian hackers from the UA Anonymous organisation attacked the band's website in retaliation to the incident and the website is currently offline.

The Bloodhound Gang
It Is Not Known If Or How The Band Will Be Punished.

However, it's not just voices from the Russian Federation who are sharpening their pitchforks for the band; the US ambassador to Russia has also spoken out to condemn Bloodhound Gang's actions. Michael McFaul tweeted that he found the group's actions "disgusting." However McFaul also criticised an attack on the band by angry Russian Cossacks at Anapa airport as they were about to board a flight.

Watch A Clip Of Bloodhound Gang Getting Attacked At The Airport:

A video clip shows the furious locals throwing tomatoes, physically attacking the band and stamping a US flag into the ground. The head of Russia's Investigations Committee, Vladimir Markin, said his department was prepared to pursue criminal charges against "all those involved" if the case was to go forward.