Bloodhound Gang, an American rock group, had eggs thrown at them and were removed from a Russian music festival. The incident occurred after footage showing the band's bass player Jared Hasselhoff shoving a Russian flag down his trousers at a recent gig in the Ukrainian city of Odessa. The bassist then removed the flag and shouted "don't tell Putin" to the audience. 

Jared Hasselhoff
Jared Hasselhoff on the Bloodhound Gang's tour bus in Berlin.

Bloodhound Gang are not known for keeping a low profile as their most famous song is 'The Bad Touch' which includes sexually explicit lyrics. 

The videos came to light following the Odessa concert on Wednesday (31st July) and as a result the Russian festival Kubana decided to cancel the Bloodhound Gang's scheduled Saturday performance (3rd August). The band were meant to be headlining the festival but owing to the flag incident a spokesperson announced the cancelation on Friday. 

It is a possibility that Hasselhoff's actions could result in legal action as Russian prosecutors are considering opening a criminal case. According to the New York Daily News, Hasselhoff has been questioned by police and prosecutors are deciding if the bassist should be charged for defaming the Russian flag. The band were on board a flight from Moscow when they were detained by police.

Hasselhoff has apologised for the incident at a press conference held on Friday evening. He was reported as saying he intended no offence. According to the band's tradition anything thrown from the stage has to be passed through his trousers, the flag, according to Hasselhoff, was upsetting some fans. 

The incident, which would normally be regarded as ridiculous, has been made into an issue owing to tensions between the US and Russia over the Edward Snowden leaks. 

Bloodhound Gang
Bloodhound Gang after a screening of Death Proof in Berlin.

Jared Hasselhoff
Jared Hasselhoff on the tour bus in Berlin.